This Organization Helped #WallOffTrump During The Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention got quite the surprise guest: a massive banner wall. Multiple organizations teamed up with Mijente to create a wall long enough to wrap around Public Square, near Quicken Loans Arena, where the convention is taking place. Here’s what went down.

The first thing that protesters did was cut off the entrance to the Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Republican National Convention.

The “wall” consisted of several sheets stitched together to make one long banner wall.

As you can see, all the sheets were covered in “bricks” and “chainlink fences” with the words “Wall Off Trump” prominently displayed.

Seriously, this wall just kept going and going and going.

The protesters stood hand in hand singing…

…and chanting words of peace and encouragement.

There were even some hardcore protesters who wore the sheets as shirts and formed a human chain.

So many people came together to make this wall dream come true.

Mijente is the organization that really got the ball rolling with the project, getting other groups on board.

“In polarized times we need to be building more bridges between us and less walls that divide us,” Marisa Franco, the director of Mijente, said in a press release. “But if Trump is set on building a wall. We’re going to give it to him. But we’ll be walling off his hate. We won’t go quietly as he campaigns to put us back in the closet, back across the border, or to the back of the bus.”

One of the groups that participated is full of veterans.

Yeah. These are the same military folks that Tump claims to admire and appreciate him so much.

These military bad boys even stood at the front of the wall, showing that this movement has muscle. (?)

Looking good, boys. ??

Organizations around the country are filling Twitter with love for these protesters.

And those who can’t be there in person are cheering along with the hashtag.

People. Are. Here. For. It!

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