This Online Game Is The Perfect Way To Spend Your Time In The Voting Line


Bop the Bigot is the election whack-a-mole game you didn’t know you wanted. Just in time for the long voting lines, this online game mixes your sentiment for Donald Trump, love of arcade games and the iconic chancla to bring you hours of distracted entertainment.

The rules of the game are simple: “Bop the Bigot.”

CREDIT: bopthebigot.com

Bazta Arpaio, the group behind the game, is a grassroots movement based in Arizona fighting to get rid of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is currently facing criminal charges for racially profiling Latinos.

Let’s meet the cast! First, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

bopthebigot.com / @RealSheriffJoe / Twitter
CREDIT: bopthebigot.com / @RealSheriffJoe / Twitter

Arpaio is the sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz. and he has been on a mission to end illegal immigration. However, his method of stopping such immigration was to racially profile all people who looked Latino and harassing them for proof to citizenship. A federal court told him the practice was racist and violated civil rights and he was ordered to stop. Did he? LOL. Nah. He kept going and now he is facing jail time.

Next, we have David Duke.

bopthebigot.com / @DrDavidDuke / Twitter
CREDIT: bopthebigot.com / @DrDavidDuke / Twitter

In case you didn’t know, Duke is a former Grand Wizard for the KKK and is currently running for the Senate to represent Louisiana. Why is the former KKK member running for a national seat? Well, according to his announcement video, he was encouraged to run after Trump based his platform on Duke’s own rhetoric.

Lastly, we have Donald Trump.

bopthebigot.com / @realDonaldTrump / Twitter
CREDIT: bopthebigot.com / @realDonaldTrump / Twitter

You might remember Trump from his infamous presidential announcement speech calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. Since that speech, he has not backed down from his anti-Latino and anti-immigrant rhetoric. He has even expounded on his platform to attack and belittle just about every minority group and political dissenter via Twitter. Yet, that doesn’t stop him from attacking those same people while on national live television because that’s just who he is.

So, when you are starting to get bored in those long (and essential) voting lines, don’t give up, just play “Bop the Bigot” to pass the time.

CREDIT: bopthebigot.com

*bop, bop, bop*

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This Interviewer Decided To Put Demi Lovato In The Hot Seat About Her Mexican-ness


This Interviewer Decided To Put Demi Lovato In The Hot Seat About Her Mexican-ness

Sofía Martínez Lujambio / YouTube

Demi Lovato was in Mexico City for her Future Now tour when she decided to sit down with Sofía Martínez Lujambio. The interview was your usual kind of celebrity interview. Lujambio asked her what her favorite food was at a fast food chain (burgers and fries!), her best friend (tía Lisa for the win) and something she wants to do (skydiving, yikes!).

Things got interesting when she was put to the test to see how Mexican Lovato truly is.

Credit: Sofia Martinez Lujambio / YouTube

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking… ?

First, she was asked to recite a trabalenguas (tongue twister). Much to everyone’s surprise, she kinda nailed it.

Credit: Sofia Martinez Lujambio / YouTube

Alright Demi, we see you.

Then she was asked to pick between these two telenovela stars:

Credit: Instagram

In the questioning, she was given photos of Mexican celebrities and was forced to choose between Sebastián Rulli and Gabriel Soto as her fantasy telenovela costar. Lovato came through and totally picked Rulli.

Looks like her dream costar is open to working with her.

Good call, Demi. Good call.

The interview then switched gears into more something more serious when she was asked what advice she gives to young women who are struggling the same way she did.

Credit: pacewithblog

And she offered amazing advice. Way to save this interview, Demi.

Watch the entire interview below:

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