This Old Sofia Vergara Interview with Bill Cosby Will Totally Creep You Out

In 2003, Sofia Vergara was a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote her appearance in the movie Chasing Papi.


But Letterman wasn’t hosting that night. Bill Cosby was filling in.


And right away, Cosby made things creepy. When Vergara said this about her dress:


Cosby replied:




Vergara parried his comment by saying she wore the dress to get people in a “Latin mood.”

And Cosby kept going (all while doing a fake “Latino” accent).


Vergara remained polite and said:


It appeared Vergara was ready to move on but Cosby wouldn’t let it go. Vergara summoned her best fake laugh for his “jokes.”


Then Cosby said this:


After Vergara’s clarification, Cosby played dumb and said: “Univision? I’m sorry… S-I-N is the other one?” Vergara, visibly uncomfortable, replied: “I don’t even know what that is.”

Cosby then told Vergara: “S-I-N is sin.” Her reply?


A few seconds later, he said: “Men see you and they only think of sin.”

Cosby kept piling it on, and after nearly 5 minutes of talking about her dress, Vergara said what we were all thinking:


Unfortunately for Vergara, the full interview was an agonizing 10 minutes long.

Watch the full interview:

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We All have that Family Member that Treats His Car Like a Second Home


We All have that Family Member that Treats His Car Like a Second Home


Latinos are obsessed with their cars and they go to extremes to prove it…

I mean, Latinos LOVE their cars…


#bestiesforlife ❤️

Like, really love our cars.

Yeah…some times it gets a bit weird.

We love them so much that as soon as we get one, our interior decorator comes out.

Credit: To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar / Universal Pictures / all-that-drag / Tumblr

Sarapes give it that touch of color and culture.


And they’ll keep it warm on those cold nights.

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Rearview mirror? More like built in rosary holder, mi amigo.


And you can also give it a tiny sombrero to wear.

We buy it gifts to make it feel good and look good.

Sure, you can bring flowers to the house, but the car is totally more appreciative.

Credit: Jersey Shore / MTV / ohhpe / Tumblr

No Latino car is complete without La Virgen to bless it.

Don’t think of it as a car; think of it as a vessel for your soul.

You have to add flags. How else will people know you’re Boricua?

It might be a Nissan, but she is proud of where she came from, okay?

Credit: Grandfathered / FOX / Giphy

Some times we dress it up for those extra festive occasions.


But only on holidays. We aren’t crazy.

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Safety and laws take a back seat to the photos of our loved ones.


Police Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?

Me: Well, I didn’t see the needle pass Albertito’s photo so it has to be under 50.

When we run out of room for photos, we just paint our loved ones on the car.


Because we want everyone to know how much we love them.


Be honest, how many of your tíos have a car just like this? Share the story with your friends so they can all see how much we care for our cars.

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