This Scorpion Nail Trend From Mexico Is Making Its Way To The U.S.

The latest beauty trend happening across nail salons in Mexico is stirring up mixed feelings.

Lovers of trendy nail tips are asking nail technicians to infuse dead scorpions into their nails.

Credit: Real Housewives Of Atlanta / VH1

For real.

The trend reportedly originated in 2015 in Durango, Mexico – a Northern city that considers a scorpion a symbol of pride.

Lupita Garcia, an artisan who has “cariño” and respect for scorpions, had the idea of turning the dangerous insect into fierce nail art like the one you see below:

After baby scorpions are killed with bug spray, they’re placed in alcohol for preservation. The scorpion is then placed in between two coats of acrylic gel, one to cover the natural nail and the other to seal it in. The manicure goes between 500 – 600 pesos, or $25–$30 USD. The design became a craze after the news story went viral on Facebook. Based off a few Instagram posts, the trend seems to have made its way to Texas and Florida.

Check out a condensed version of the 40-minute mani below:

Creepy or not, it may actually be dangerous. Julio Cesar Ramirez, M.D., tells Daily Mail that, “the scorpions remain venomous after they have died.” Lupita doesn’t seem to care, though. She’s visited the emergency room three times after being stung by a scorpion. What a great way to get revenge, no?

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