If You Grew Up With A Latina Mom, This Song Nails Your Childhood


Posted by Snow Tha Product on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

“Ponte a trapear, todo lo que compro te doy, ponte a limpiar.”

“Si aqui no ayudan, aqui ya no viven.” Sound familiar? If this sounds like your mom whenever she asks you to help with chores, rapper Snow Tha Product can relate. The California emcee recently shared a clip from her music video for “AyAyAy!” which pretty much sums up exactly what it’s like when you want to sleep in and your mom is having none of it.

After thousands of people shared the clip on Facebook, a few fans chimed in with stories about their moms, including this hilarious little anecdote:

Credit: Snow Tha Product / Facebook

Watch the Snow Tha Product’s full video:

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