Her Son Couldn’t Believe What She Smuggled Into The Movie Theater

Let’s be honest: movie theater candy is way overpriced. Five dollars for M&M’s? You kidding me? In order to beat the system, we’ve all come up with with our own ingenious systems to smuggle candy into the movie theater. But what if you want to smuggle in something more than just candy? One mother was recently confronted with that question, and did the most mom thing ever.

That’s right, this mother snuck corn on the cob into a movie theater.

Thankfully, her son, Dale Delrosario, pulled out his phone and snapped a pic of his mom enjoying some purse corn. The look on her face says it all.

Like any good mother, she offered some purse corn to her son.

And like any good son, he posted the photo to Twitter, where people immediately fell in love.

And people couldn’t help turn the tweet into a meme.

Other’s related hard to corn mom.

Nothing but love for the corn smuggling mama.

We’re not sure it’s a thing, but we at mitú would like to nominate this woman for mother of the year award.


For anyone who has ever smuggled food into a movie theater, here is your queen.

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