Her Son Couldn’t Believe What She Smuggled Into The Movie Theater


Let’s be honest: movie theater candy is way overpriced. Five dollars for M&M’s? You kidding me? In order to beat the system, we’ve all come up with with our own ingenious systems to smuggle candy into the movie theater. But what if you want to smuggle in something more than just candy? One mother was recently confronted with that question, and did the most mom thing ever.

That’s right, this mother snuck corn on the cob into a movie theater.

Thankfully, her son, Dale Delrosario, pulled out his phone and snapped a pic of his mom enjoying some purse corn. The look on her face says it all.

Like any good mother, she offered some purse corn to her son.

And like any good son, he posted the photo to Twitter, where people immediately fell in love.

And people couldn’t help turn the tweet into a meme.

Other’s related hard to corn mom.

Nothing but love for the corn smuggling mama.

We’re not sure it’s a thing, but we at mitú would like to nominate this woman for mother of the year award.


For anyone who has ever smuggled food into a movie theater, here is your queen.

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9 Latino Investment Plans That Are Usually A Fail


9 Latino Investment Plans That Are Usually A Fail

One of the great things about coming from a Latino family is that you learn there’s more than one way to make an honest buck. While there’s nothing wrong with a simple 9 to 5 job, it’s the art of the hustle that highlights Latino ingenuity. Where some people see nothing, we see an opportunity. Every investment scheme plan is a chance to show off how brilliant your entrepreneur skills actually are. Let’s look at a few of the investment opportunities you and your family probably picked up along the way.

That broken car your dad bought and plans to fix up one day.


It’s been sitting on the lawn since your first day in grade school, but it’s definitely going to be worth it.

That one piece of art your mom thinks is worth a small fortune.

CREDIT: 3d Lenticular Pictures / Youtube

She always tells the story about how she haggled a good price for it at the flea market.

That box of your tío’s old comic books.

He’s convinced these will be worth millions of dollars one day.

That QVC ceramic rooster your abuela bought when she was drunk on rum-spiked horchata.


Abuela always talks about how she’s going to leave this to you in her will.

Abuelo invests in his domino skills to hustle kids out of their money.

CREDIT: Ender Özdemir / Youtube

No shirt? No problem. Abuelo’s got this.

Tía believes in high risk/high reward investments.


Why go through all the trouble of waiting for stocks to appreciate?

Your little brother figured out how to make bank selling Takis at school.

CREDIT: Laura Argueta / Youtube

It might be a pyramid scheme, but he’s so good at it that he started his own YouTube channel to teach other kids how to invest.

Your primo knows that the real money is in investing in Grand Theft Auto 5 Yachts.


For a little over $100 dollars in real world money, this $10 million yacht can be all yours. That’s what I call a sound investment.

Your parents are bad with money, but you’re not worried. You got that Pokémon.


While everyone’s wasting money on lottery tickets, that sweet Charizard is going to pay for your first three years at college.

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