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This Miami Police Officer Is Finally Getting A Medal Of Valor For His Badass Moment

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In 2013, Officer Mario Gutierrez of the Miami-Dade Police Department foiled an attack that could have left many people seriously injured or even dead. Three years later, Gutierrez is being recognized for his bravery in a huge way. After receiving numerous awards for his moment of incredible bravery, Gutierrez is one of 13 police officers being awarded the Medal of Valor by President Obama in 2016.

This is Miami-Dade Police Officer Mario Gutierrez.

Credit: @MiamiDadePD / Twitter

Gutierrez, 57, has been on the police force for more than two decades. But, don’t let his age fool you. This viejito is a boss that deserves EVERYBODY’s respect.

On Oct. 29, 2013, Gutierrez was on his regular patrol when he stopped at a Shell gas station close to Miami International Airport.

Credit: WPLG / ABC / Me Myself & I / YouTube

This random stop on his route would proved to be one of the most fateful moments in the officer’s career.

While at the gas station, Gutierrez noticed a man trying to start a fire by dropping burning newspaper into the two 8,000-gallon tanks of gasoline below the gas station.

Credit: WPLG / ABC / Me Myself & I / YouTube

Gutierrez hit the emergency shut off button to prevent the gasoline from flowing through the tanks as a precaution before confronting the suspect.

Gutierrez tried to subdue the suspect with a taser, but the man became enraged and attacked Gutierrez.

Credit: WPLG / ABC / Me Myself & I / YouTube

The suspect, later identified as Dominique Jean, stabbed Gutierrez several times with a knife and screwdriver. The attacker even tried to bite Gutierrez’s thumb off. Gutierrez fought back, eventually having to resort to shooting and killing Jean to end the altercation.

Since the gas station attack, Gutierrez has received local and state awards for his bravery and quick thinking that potentially saved lives.

Credit: @FLSherrifs / Twitter

Officer Gutierrez just sees it as doing his job and credits his love for family for his fight and survival. “The determination to see my family, that was the most important thing. I did not want to die and never see them again,” Gutierrez told CBS Miami.

Gutierrez definitely has the scars to prove how much he loves to protect his community.

Credit: WPLG / ABC / Me Myself & I / YouTube

“I love what I do. I love being a policeman. I love serving the community. It’s a calling. It’s a passion,” Gutierrez said, according to NY Daily News.

And now, this badass abuelito has a new award to add to the collection: the Medal of Valor.

Credit: @TVAmyViteri / Twitter

The Medal of Valor is the highest award that public servicemen and women can receive. Recipients are given the award once a year by the president.

And, this year, Gutierrez is one of 13 officers that get to take home one of these prestigious awards. Kudos!

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Credit: @MiamiDadePD / Twitter

Watch the video of the attack below:

Credit: New  Video / WSVN-TV / YouTube

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7 Kitchen Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Latinos

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7 Kitchen Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Latinos


The kitchen may often be the most fun place in the house, sure, but for Latinos, it’s also an obstacle course of madness, music and mazes of Tupperware. For example…

Prime oven real estate is taken up by pots and pans.

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Oh, did you want to heat something up? Better spend half an hour trying to put pots and pans into cabinets. (Which sucks for you, because the cabinets hold towers of Tupperware that WILL fall down on your head as you open the cabinet doors.)

And finding a plastic bag in the cabinet means digging yourself out from under a pile of them.

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Double-check and make sure the plastic bag you took out isn’t filled with 127 other plastic bags.

Your family thinks the kitchen is the best place to dance.

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Juan Luis Guerra will be invited to every dinner, and you’re just going to have to deal with that.

Like bread? You’d goddamn better.

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You’re lucky your birthday cake wasn’t a candle stuck in a piece of white bread.

Forgetting the tortilla will ruin your whole day.

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Don’t check your texts. Don’t look out the window. Don’t even think. Just stare at the tortilla and pray.

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