This Mexican Woman Was Just Added To The FBI’s Most Wanted List

If you go to the FBI’s official website and check out their “10 Most Wanted” list, two things will strike you: 1) The FBI really needs to update the visual aesthetic of its website, and 2…

There’s just one female fugitive on the list.

Credit: FBI.gov

That distinction belongs to Brenda Delgado, a Mexican woman who was just added to the “Most Wanted” list.

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Delgado is wanted for the murder of Kendra Hatcher, a dentist from Dallas, Texas.

Credit: Kendra Hatcher / Facebook

Hatcher was killed on September 2, 2015. She was 35.

Delgado, a former dental hygiene student, allegedly had Hatcher killed because Hatcher was dating Delgado’s ex-boyfriend.

Credit: FBI.gov

The alleged hitman, Christopher Love, was arrested a month after the murder. Police believe Delgado organized the murder-for-hire plot because she was jealous of Hatcher. “It is believed she was jealous because the victim was dating Delgado’s ex-boyfriend and had recently been introduced to his parents,” reads the FBI’s wanted poster.

If found and convicted, Delgado faces life in prison.

Credit: FBI.gov

The FBI is offering a reward of $100,000 for information that leads to her arrest. According to the FBI, Delgado has “ties to Texas and Mexico” and is believed to be hiding out in Mexico.

In a press conference, FBI Special Agent in Charge Thomas M. Class Sr. explained why Delgado made it to the top 10: “Delgado’s addition to the list underscores the violent and calculated nature of the crime she’s accused of committing.”

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