This Mexican Musician Just Made An Awesome Remix Of A Beck Song

You might think you’re not familiar with the Mexican Institute of Sound, but anyone who has spent time cruising around the streets of Grand Theft Auto 5 has definitely heard his work.

So it makes perfect sense that Beck, no stranger to genre fusions himself, drafted MIS to remix his recent release “Wow”.

Credit: Beck/YouTube

Lara, takes Beck’s “Wow” for a gallop into electronic cumbia territory, draping the song in percussion and horns that would not seem out of place in a caballero flick, and then retrofits the entire tune in 8-bit bleeps and electronic squiggles that will no doubt bring on a wave of NES nostalgia. The track, renamed “Guau”, represents a genre MIS and others have spent years pioneering – it honors Mexico’s traditional music, but stays true to their modern approach.

Beck’s new album is expected to drop in October. Fans of MIS can check out a recent interview here.

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