This Mexican Father Crosses Borders Daily For His Children

Meet Jose Luis Dominguez. Every day for the last two years, he has crossed the Mexico-U.S. border for two very important reasons.


Dominguez’s 8-year-old daughter, Kayla, and his 7-year-old son both attend school in Hidalgo, Texas, a mile away from the border with Reynosa, Mexico, where they live.


As they walk from Mexico to the U.S., the 32-year-old father is with his children every step of the way to ensure their safety.

“It’s ugly across the border. Kids are being abducted. It’s better [in the U.S.], safer, knowing that nothing will happen,” Dominguez told KEN5 News, a San Antonio, Texas, news station.


Once his children are at school, Jose Luis Dominguez crosses the street to get to his job at a fast food restaurant.

After work, Dominguez meets his children at the school, and they all make their journey back to Mexico.

While immigration might be a hot topic for politicians this election season, education actually places higher in importance for Latinos.

Thanks to heightened social awareness, political considerations, as well as efforts within the Latino community, positive statistics for education have steadily risen over the years.

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated parents like Jose Luis Dominguez, these number can only get better.


“I bring them to school every day. We cross the border so they can have a better education. Because schooling is better here than in Mexico,” Dominguez told KENS5 News.

Check out Jose’s inspirational story here.

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