This Mexican Donut Shop Disappears Every Couple Of Weeks And Fans Love It

FOMO (fear of missing out) is the inspiration behind a donut shop in Monterrey, Mexico.

Because everyone hates not being invited especially when it relates to food.

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The Secret Donut Society is a donut shop that disappears every couple of weeks without giving their costumers a heads up… Just to appear weeks later at a new location… Just to then do it all over again.

Most people would consider this business suicide but it seems to be working just fine for The Secret Donut Society.

The owners (who have never showed their faces) say they started the shop to prove a new business concept.

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They were even featured in “Shark Tank Mexico.”

Because duh, people want to be a part of something secret, even if it’s just a donut shop.

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This secret society is like the Illuminati for people that like carbs. (me)

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We don’t make this stuff up, people!

Customers are given clues on social media to help them find the new location.

But you’re not, under any circumstances, allowed to share that information… Or you’ll be kicked out of the club.

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The only thing fans can say is “I hereby declare to keep the secret alive.”

Remember, we’re talking about donuts here.

Whether you agree or disagree with their tactics, you can’t argue that these look bomb.

So…can we join?

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