This Little Girl Turned The Mexican Secretary Of Education Into Meme Of The Year

This little girl unintentionally turned the Mexican Secretary of Education, Aurelio Nuño, into the meme of the year.

Credit: diariodemexico

It all happened during the 36th International Fair of Books for Kids in Mexico City this week. 

Nuño finished his speech encouraging kids to read and study hard, because you know, he’s the Secretary of EDUCATION, with: “¿Seguro van a ler, sí o no? ¿ustedes van a ler?”  

In case you’re lost here, the correct way to say it is “leer” not “ler.” Honest mistake, most people would let it slide… But not little Andrea.

She tapped him and whispered in his ear “no se dice ler, se dice leer.”

Everyone heard because Nuño accidentally placed the microphone in front of her face.

Credit: X Factor / FOX

Nuño tried to play it cool but we all know this was him on the inside.

Credit: Comedy Central

He finally responded with “Leer, eso, my bien, Andrea.” But this moment is forever immortalized thanks to genius meme creators.

Credit: diariodemexico


Credit: diariodemexico

Thank you, Andrea.

And remember, it’s leer.

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