This Little Girl Turned The Mexican Secretary Of Education Into Meme Of The Year

This little girl unintentionally turned the Mexican Secretary of Education, Aurelio Nuño, into the meme of the year.

Credit: diariodemexico

It all happened during the 36th International Fair of Books for Kids in Mexico City this week. 

Nuño finished his speech encouraging kids to read and study hard, because you know, he’s the Secretary of EDUCATION, with: “¿Seguro van a ler, sí o no? ¿ustedes van a ler?”  

In case you’re lost here, the correct way to say it is “leer” not “ler.” Honest mistake, most people would let it slide… But not little Andrea.

She tapped him and whispered in his ear “no se dice ler, se dice leer.”

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-11-29-28-am screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-11-29-38-am

Everyone heard because Nuño accidentally placed the microphone in front of her face.

Credit: X Factor / FOX

Nuño tried to play it cool but we all know this was him on the inside.

Credit: Comedy Central

He finally responded with “Leer, eso, my bien, Andrea.” But this moment is forever immortalized thanks to genius meme creators.

Credit: diariodemexico


Credit: diariodemexico

Thank you, Andrea.

And remember, it’s leer.

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A Latino Is One Of The Most Searched For People In Canada After An Act Of Kindness


A Latino Is One Of The Most Searched For People In Canada After An Act Of Kindness

We’ve all heard stories about how Canadians are almost too nice.

Well, that cliché was pretty much confirmed when a Latino man found himself aboard a subway train, in obvious pain, according to Salma Hamidi, a passenger on the on the train, told CTVNews that the Latino man was holding his head, saying, “Oh God. Oh God.” The man sitting next Hamidi asked, in a thick Russian accent, if the man was okay. The Latino man said he was suffering from a headache. Hamidi offered the man some Advil, which he took. But there was one minor problem. He had no water.

A woman, wearing a hijab saved the day, giving the man one of her son’s juice boxes, which of course the kid wasn’t too happy about.


The man thanked everyone, and said he was about to go on a job interview. The Russian man told him “walk in confidently,” and then a Chinese teenager helped fix the Latino man’s hair. He said he was probably going to be late, so Hamidi told the man to walk in and apologize once, but not to make excuses. The woman in the hijab told the man to remember to smile. When the train arrived at the station, everyone wished him luck.

Hamidi posted the story to her Facebook wall

Credit: Salma Hamidi / Facebook

And support immediately came pouring in.

Credit: Salma Hamidi / Facebook

Hamidi wrote the entire story on her wall, and finished with the joke, “Now if THIS isn’t the ultimate Canadian experience short of a beaver walking into a bar holding a jar of maple syrup, I don’t know what is!” Her story was so received that within a few days, her short story had been shared over 13 thousand times through Facebook.

Unfortunately, Hamidi doesn’t know if the man got the job, but she had a message for him.


“I’m kind of hoping he would somehow emerge, and be like, ‘I’m the guy!’,” she told CTVNews. “I’ve been waiting, checking my messages, for him to reach out to me.” Whether or not he got the job, Hamidi described how great it was seeing her passengers work to help this man, saying, “it was so nice, and the fact that we were all immigrants – first, second generation – it just had some sort of significance for me.”

Check out Salma Hamidi’s story here.

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