This Latino Fought Back Against Those Who Said He Didn’t Belong In This Country

Credit: Forbidden Trailer / Heather Mathews / Vimeo

“My name is Moises Serrano and I am queer and I am undocumented and I am unafraid.”

Moises Serrano, like many young Latinos, was brought to this country by his family as they pursued better opportunities and stability. Serrano grew up in rural North Carolina, where many sides of his identity – gay, Latino, undocumented – were far from the norm.

Now 24, Serrano has become a strong voice for undocumented and gay people living in the U.S. Filmmakers Tiffany Rhynard and Kathi Barnhill followed Moises around for more than two years, capturing his life for the documentary “Forbidden.” Serrano is ready to show the world that he belongs in the U.S., the country he’s called home since he was two years old.

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