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This Latino Fought Back Against Those Who Said He Didn’t Belong In This Country

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“My name is Moises Serrano and I am queer and I am undocumented and I am unafraid.”

Moises Serrano, like many young Latinos, was brought to this country by his family as they pursued better opportunities and stability. Serrano grew up in rural North Carolina, where many sides of his identity – gay, Latino, undocumented – were far from the norm.

Now 24, Serrano has become a strong voice for undocumented and gay people living in the U.S. Filmmakers Tiffany Rhynard and Kathi Barnhill followed Moises around for more than two years, capturing his life for the documentary “Forbidden.” Serrano is ready to show the world that he belongs in the U.S., the country he’s called home since he was two years old.

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If You're In L.A., These Are The Latino Coffee Shops That Give You Life

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If You’re In L.A., These Are The Latino Coffee Shops That Give You Life

Maggie C. / Yelp

If you’re in L.A., you’ve definitely had an iced coffee or espresso shot from the green-crowned siren that is the ‘Bucks. It’s EVERYWHERE. But there’s so much more out there, including Latino coffee houses that are taking some of your favorite drinks and giving them a flavors that’ll remind you of home.

Tierra Mia: An horchata latte will give you life.

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Latino coffee chain Tierra Mia currently boasts 10 shops around the Los Angeles and Bay area; and when you get a look at the menu you can see why. Heavily influenced by Mexican culture, Tierra Mia began offering drinks like horchata lattes and mocha Mexicanos when founder Ulysses Romero opened the original location in 2008.

Come for the coffee at Porto’s Bakery and Cafe. Stay for the desserts.

This Cuban-style bakery and cafe is a must-stop shop if you are in Southern California. The lines are looooong on weekdays AND weekends. People make it a field trip to drink their cortaditos while their eyes glaze over the seemingly endless display of pastries, potato balls and fancy cakes. Porto’s recently claimed the top spot on Yelp’s best places to eat from around the country.

It might be a sin to have just one cup at Primera Taza.

CREDIT: @as_bbq / Instagram

Everyone knows Colombia produces some of the best coffee beans in the world. But the co-owners of this East L.A. coffee house want to show off the aromatic and delicious coffee beans Mexico has to offer. One of the most well-known varieties at this shop is a coffee bean grown in the Mexican state of Guerrero that has hints of blueberry. A daily dose of coffee and fruits? We’re in!

Café Calacas’ Gansito Frappe is the food hero we all need.

CREDIT: @cafecalacasdtsa / Instagram

The treat of your childhood mixed with one of your current coffee obsession?!  Hell yes! Cafe Calacas isn’t actually in Los Angeles – it’s in Orange County – but it’s worth a trip to Santa Ana so the whole #squad can try frappe options like Gansito, rompope and Abuelita chocolate. 

Holy Grounds Coffee will make you feel #blessed.

This East L.A. cafe with an artsy vibe provides a peaceful oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The cozy, homey vibe is capped off with options like just-like-mama’s cafe de olla and the tried-and-true Latino coffee shop favorite, horchata latte.

Antigua Coffee House will be your lifeline if you’re a fan of Guatemalan coffee.

CREDIT: @adventures_of_brip_the_ugly / Instagram

Yancy Quinones, the owner of Antigua Coffee House, knows what he is doing when it comes to sourcing beans from Guatemala – his family has been growing coffee in the Central American country for 150 years. You can try a hot Mayan Mocha, or if you prefer your coffee iced, order a Xolmaya (vanilla and orange citrus blended with ice.)

A latte sweetened with cajeta sounds amazing, right? You can find it at Café Bolivar.

CREDIT: @cafe_bolivar / Instagram

Café Bolívar is introducing Santa Monica to the tastes of South America with its Venezuelan style of arepas alongside coffee roasters from across the country and Mexico. Some of the cafe’s signature drinks include Café Tacuba (latte sweetened with cajeta) and Mocha Oaxaqueño.

Without agave, there’s no tequila. At Café de Leche, you can get a taste of agave in a latte.

Café de Leche in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles is mixing and brewing common coffee roasts with uncommon Mexican pairings, and we’re not complaining about it. The Iced Almond Agave Latte is a coffee take that is piquing our interest.

Get in la Zona with these beans.

Zona Rosa Caffe in Pasadena puts the chill in Chilango coffee. The calavera-decorated coffee house gets its name from one of the D.F.’s most popular neighborhoods, so you know most def they were going to place classics like Mexican hot chocolate on the menu.

Are you planning on letting your coffee drip, drip, drip from Starbucks or are you looking to try some of the Latino coffee houses mentioned above? Tell us in the comments below!