This Latino Kid Is The Reason Your Parents Always Say “Ponte Las Pilas”

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According to our calculations, this 5-year-old is a math GENIUS!

Posted by Little Big Shots on Sunday, April 10, 2016

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“You’ve got to use the calculator!”

The show “Little Big Shots” features lots of cute, precocious kids. Luis Esquivel is no exception. The 5-year-old wowed the audience and host Steve Harvey with his impressive math skills and infectious energy. After taking a moment to figure out what was happening behind him (his shadow), this little tyke absolutely killed it when asked to play a few numbers games. He didn’t even break a sweat when asked “What is 162 squared?”

And all that was before he told the audience the proper way to say 876,946,351,798,345,601,801. We were like:

Credit: Disney / 10uhClock / Tumblr

All the while, you can see Harvey struggling to keep up with the little dude. He was constantly referencing his calculator and looking up with astonishment as Luis got every number right. Kudos, young Luis. Now give it a break. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

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This 7-Year-Old Soccer Star Had An Emotional Breakdown On “The Steve Harvey Show”


This 7-Year-Old Soccer Star Had An Emotional Breakdown On “The Steve Harvey Show”

“I kick their butts a lot. They cry after the game.”

Seven-year-old soccer star Ariana dos Santos was recently featured in NBC’s “Little Big Shots” and she didn’t hold back when it came time to show off her smooth soccer skills. The show, hosted by Steve Harvey, highlights talented children across the United States. As she showcased her skills, dos Santos even scored a couple of goals, back to back, against Harvey.

Shortly after being featured in “Little Big Shots,” this Brazilian-American futbolista then appeared as a guest on “The Steve Harvey Show.” As you can see from the interview video above, dos Santos has a huge level of confidence to be reckoned with (as should every girl). You see this confidence shine in the responses she gives Harvey when asked if she plays soccer with boys.

“I kick their butts a lot. They cry after the game. They just got beat by a girl,” dos Santos said.

Dos Santos has been playing soccer her entire childhood with the help of her father who is her personal coach and mentor. She’s only gotten better and better at it as the years go by. One of her soccer moves in particular is named after her favorite soccer player Neymar Jr. To dos Santos’ surprise, Harvey had a special recorded message for dos Santos, directly from Neymar Jr. himself. As soon as dos Santos heard Neymar Jr. say “Hey Ariana” in the first few seconds of the video, she burst into tears. Dos Santos was emotional throughout the entire video recorded by the Brazilian futbol star.

To heighten her emotions even more, Harvey then presented dos Santos a soccer jersey autographed by Neymar Jr. himself. More uncontrollable tears of joy came down dos Santos’ face.

Looks like having insane soccer skills at only seven years old definitely pays off. Keep up the amazing work, Ariana! ⚽️

To see the full clip of dos Santos blasting the soccer ball towards Harvey, check out the video below.

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This Couple Used A Car Seat To Sneak Food Into A Theater And People Are Screaming


This Couple Used A Car Seat To Sneak Food Into A Theater And People Are Screaming

@iamkelia.b / Instagram

Sneaking snacks into the movie theater is one of those things that we all remember from childhood. Sometimes mom would make you wear a backpack and fill it with all the treats your little heart desired. Was it embarrassing? Sure. But now that we’re adults, we totally get why you would want to save money and not buy those movie theater snacks.  Instagram user @iamkelia.b has given all of us new goals when it comes to sneaking in food: a baby car seat.

@iamkelia.b and her boyfriend have one-upped all of us with their genius method of sneaking food into the movie theater: a baby car seat.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

Mind. Blown.

Tbh, this is probably so much easier to get away with.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

Any movie theater employee can ask to look in your bag but would any of them have the audacity to ask if they can look in your baby car seat? Probably not.

And they fit so much into that car seat. Like, dayum.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram


People are already trying to figure out how they can do it too.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

A big purse is great in a pinch but a car seat is just the tops.

There were some serious questions about the amount of food the two snuck in.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

Those are a lot of drinks, tbh.

Other people are calling out their friends’ weak smuggling game.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

I. Can’t. ?

But, overall, this couple has given a generation a new movie theater hack.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

Take a bow, y’all.

Watch the full adventure below!

Not every body can just walk in with a bag ??‍♀️???? @saan_won_ton

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