This Latino Kid Is The Reason Your Parents Always Say “Ponte Las Pilas”

According to our calculations, this 5-year-old is a math GENIUS!

Posted by Little Big Shots on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Credit: Little Big Shots / NBC / Facebook

“You’ve got to use the calculator!”

The show “Little Big Shots” features lots of cute, precocious kids. Luis Esquivel is no exception. The 5-year-old wowed the audience and host Steve Harvey with his impressive math skills and infectious energy. After taking a moment to figure out what was happening behind him (his shadow), this little tyke absolutely killed it when asked to play a few numbers games. He didn’t even break a sweat when asked “What is 162 squared?”

And all that was before he told the audience the proper way to say 876,946,351,798,345,601,801. We were like:

Credit: Disney / 10uhClock / Tumblr

All the while, you can see Harvey struggling to keep up with the little dude. He was constantly referencing his calculator and looking up with astonishment as Luis got every number right. Kudos, young Luis. Now give it a break. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

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