This Latino Just Gave The Best Pro-Immigrant Clapback To The GOP

Credit: University of Pennsylvania / YouTube

“A broke, orphan immigrant from the West Indies built our financial system.”

At this year’s University of Pennsylvania graduation, commencement speaker Lin-Manuel Miranda had one message: Immigrants rock! This political year has seen a steady uptick in anti-immigrant sentiment and a lot of it has been fueled by rhetoric from Donald Trump. The graduates at Penn were given a much different and more positive view of immigrants, one that students and administrators supported with a roaring standing ovation.

“In a year when politicians traffic it in anti-immigrant rhetoric, there is also a Broadway musical reminding us that a broke, orphan immigrant from the West Indies built our financial system,” Miranda told the graduates. “A story that reminds us that since the beginning of the great, unfinished symphony that is our American experiment, time and time again, immigrants get the job done.”

Well said, Miranda.

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Colombia Just Made The Biggest Coke Bust Ever

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Colombia Just Made The Biggest Coke Bust Ever

Credit: @juanmansantos / Twitter

Near the Panama border Colombian police made the the biggest worldwide cocaine bust. Ever.

Creidt: @juanmansantos / Twitter

Authorities discovered 9.3 TONS of cocaine under a banana plantation just waaaaaiting to be distributed.

Credit: swesthov / Twenty20

You’re probably wondering about that elephant. She’s there just to give you an idea of how much cocaine was actually seized. An adult elephant weighs 7 tons. Imagine that and then some. Yeah, that’s A LOT of coke.

This much cocaine has a street value of $240 million.

Credit: dxsobedient / Tumblr

“The biggest seizure of drugs in history. A hit against criminals,” Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said on his Twitter account.

So who did the drugs belong to and where is the owner?

Credit: joeyburger / Tumblr

According to the Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas, the drugs belonged to the Usugas gang.

Colombia is offering a $3 million reward to anyone who finds the Usuga leader.

Credit: @juanmansantos / Twitter

It’s a huge accomplishment for Colombia, but a small number compared to the 487 tons of cocaine the country produces a year.

Read more about this cocaine bust here

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