This Latino Hockey Player’s Mom Watched Him Score 4 Goals In His Very First Game

This is Auston Matthews. He’s a 19-year-old hockey sensation from Scottsdale, Ariz.

Matthews was born in California to an American father and Mexican mother. He was raised in Arizona, where he fell in love with hockey after attending Phoenix Coyotes games as a kid.

How good is he? He was the number one draft pick in last year’s NHL draft.

Matthews, who was selected by the Toronto Maple Leafs, was the first American hockey player to go number one since Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks) in 2007.

In his very first game as an NHL player, Matthews showed why he was picked #1, scoring four — yes, four — goals in the Maple Leafs’ season opener.

The best part? His parents were there to watch it all go down. Here’s his first goal:

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

Mom and dad were ecstatic.

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

Matthew’s second goal was like watching Messi on ice. The 19-year-old weaved through several opponents, and slotted the puck home like a seasoned veteran:

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

Mom and dad couldn’t believe it.

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

Goal three was a solid tap-in, but that didn’t stop Matthews’ teammates from going nuts. Why? Because Matthews had scored a “hat trick” in his debut.

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

In hockey, like soccer, a hat trick means scoring three goals in a game — no easy feat, even for an established superstar.

At this point, Matthews’ mother, Ema, couldn’t hold back her excitement.

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

Soon, she couldn’t hold back the tears. Ema Matthews may have been thinking about last year, when she moved to Switzerland with her son so he could play professionally.

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

In 2015, after graduating high school, Auston Matthews chose the Zurich Lions of the Swiss Hockey League over playing college hockey. Ema Matthews moved to Switzerland with her son during that time, and although she had a tough time finding cilantro for her dishes, it appears the mother and son duo enjoyed their time in Europe.

When Matthews scored his fourth goal, he didn’t celebrate much, and skated on like it was business as usual.

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

It looked like mom and dad were getting used to it, too.

Credit: Sportsnet Canada

Although Toronto ended up losing the game 5-4 to the Ottawa Senators, Matthews couldn’t deny that there was a bit of joy despite the defeat.

Credit: Toronto Maple Leafs / YouTube

“It was pretty special having my parents here… for them to kinda share the moment with me… so it’s definitely a pretty nice feeling,” said Matthews to reporters after the game.

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