This Latina Wrestler Just Made Her WWE Debut And She’s Already A Star

Pamela Rose Martinez, a.k.a. Bayley, made a glorious debut on WWE Battlefield as the surprise tag-team partner of WWE women’s champ Sasha Banks.

Credit: WWE

Fans had been anxiously anticipating the debut of Bayley, who made a name for herself in NXT, WWE’s development organization.

Through sheer determination and an empowering persona, Bayley has connected with an extremely loving and loyal fanbase — especially young girls.

Basically, Bayley is everyone’s bae.

Fans love her as much as they love her catchphrase: “I’m a hugger.”

Credit: ItsmeBayley / Instagram

Even her rivals and peers have the utmost respect for her.

A lifelong fan of the sport, Pamela Rose Martinez always flirted with the idea of wrestling.

Finally in 2008, Martinez joined Big Time Wrestling as Davina Rose. She was barely 18 years old.

Credit: MBWrestler87 / YouTube

She spent years cutting her teeth in Big Time, hoping to one day make it to the WWE.

By late 2012, Bayley was called up to NXT, a developmental league where female wrestlers hone their skills before making the jump to the WWE.

Credit: @WWENXT / Twitter

Her undeniable talent took her all the way to the NXT championship, which she won from… Sasha Banks.

She eventually lost the title, but the loss has only strengthened her dedication to professional wrestling and its fans.

It’s this dedication that made Bayley the perfect teammate for Sasha Banks at WWE Battleground.

Credit: @WWE / Twitter

When Bayley entered the arena at WWE’s Battleground, the audience lost its mind.

Sasha Banks, who is now the WWE women’s champ, and Bayley put their past rivalry aside to bring home the victory.

Credit: SashaBanksWWE / Instagram

When asked about how she felt about her performance, Bayley’s excitement was palpable, saying, “I have no words. It was magical.”

Credit: WWE / YouTube

Her skills in the ring have made her a powerhouse in NXT, and before long, Bayley will challenge for a WWE title.

It’s only a matter of time.