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This Latina Single Mom Dressed As A Man So Her Son Wouldn’t Feel Excluded At School

Yevette Vazquez/Facebook

When Yevette Vazquez dropped off her son Elijah at school last week, she noticed more cars were parked than usual. It turns out it was “Donuts with Dad” day at Sue Crouch Intermediate School in Fort Worth, Texas.

momdad2 Credit: Yevette Vazquez/Facebook

Vazquez is a single mom, but that didn’t stop her from being there for her son. Instead of letting Elijah feel excluded, she drove home and quickly transformed herself from this:

Credit: Yevette Vazquez/Facebook

To this:

Credit: Yevette Vazquez/Facebook

Vazquez posted photos of her transformation on Facebook. ” I know seeing other dads with there [sic] kids isn’t easy for mine but its [sic] life,” she wrote in her post. “[At] least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face, so here it goes.”

Credit: Yevette Vazquez/Facebook

The post has gone viral, having been shared more than 5,700 times as of this writing. Vazquez has also been bombarded with support and interview requests from around the globe, according to an update on her Facebook page.

Credit: Yevette Vazquez/Facebook

“It’s so much more than I ever expected to happen,” Vazquez expressed on the social media platform. “Me and my little ones are grateful because it was definitely a moment we will never forget!”

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