This Latina Mom Packed An Extra Lunch So Her Son’s Classmate Would Have Something To Eat

Woman Packs Lunch for Son’s FriendThis woman packed two lunches each morning: one for her son, the second for a child in need

Posted by NowThis on Monday, October 17, 2016

This family proves that kindness is everything.

When Josette Duran’s son asked her to pack an extra lunch for him at the beginning of the school year, she wasn’t sure why at first. When she asked her son, he told her it was for another boy at his school who never ate lunch besides a fruit cup. After some time, Duran was called to the principal’s office and the mother of the child who she was feeding thanked her for her kindness. The other mother even offered Duran some money to cover the costs of the child’s lunches, but Duran declined. That’s when the volleyball team Duran coaches stepped up and raised more than $400 to help pay back her kindness. Again, Duran declined the money and took the $400 to the school cafeteria and paid off all the overdue lunch fees so no child at that school would be without lunch.

Way to go, Josette. You are a wonderful human being.

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