This Latina Just Scored The Broadway Role Of A Lifetime


Mandy Gonzales knows a thing or two about musicals.

The 37-year-old singer has performed in some of this generation’s most beloved musicals: “In The Heights” and “Wicked.” Now she can add to that list the role of Angelica Schuyler Church from “Hamilton,” the Broadway titan with 11 Tony awards under its belt. “Even though I’ve done ‘Wicked’ and I’ve done these other shows that have been big,” Gonzalez told the Associated Press, “this [Hamilton] is really – it’s really something special.”

Mandy’s connection to the “Hamilton” cast goes all the way back to 2004.


On the set of “In The Heights,” the singer first met Lin Manuel Miranda, the show’s co-writer. Her love interest in the musical was played by Chris Jackson, who plays George Washington in “Hamilton.” When Gonzales first read for the part of Nina Rosario in “In The Heights” back in 2004,  she knew that Miranda was someone she needed to work with. “I had never heard anything like it,” Gonzales told The Herald. “I had never seen anything like him. And I’ve been working with him ever since.” When Renée Elise Goldsberry, the singer who originally portrayed Angelica, left to pursue other opportunities, Mandy was ready to step into the demanding role.

PBS is giving fans of “Hamilton” an extraordinary behind the scenes look.


On October 21, PBS will air “Hamilton’s America,” an experience that puts the viewer into world of Lin Manuel Miranda as he created what would become his masterpiece. We know now that tickets for “Hamilton” are notorious for their scarcity and their price. And we know that people shell out more than $2,000 for a single ticket, and the musical is currently expected to earn over a billion dollars in its lifetime. But what we don’t know is how it all began. “Hamilton’s America” airs on Friday, October 21 at 9/8c on PBS. People who prefer to stream should check out the website here.

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This NYC Based Program Is Giving Latinos The Opportunity To Share Their Jokes With The World

Things That Matter

This NYC Based Program Is Giving Latinos The Opportunity To Share Their Jokes With The World

Room 28 Comedy is killing the sketch comedy game. They’re based in New York City, and they’re a bunch of hilarious Latinos making digital content for our delight. If you’re wondering about their name, the name comes from the Dominican Republic mental institution at the 28th milepost between the cities of Santiago and Santo Domingo. We all need a little humor to keep sane, right? Here are the 10 funniest sketches from Room 28 Comedy that just might make you pee from laughing so hard…

1. If Eleven From “Stranger Things” Gave Catcallers What They Deserved – A Drake Parody

OK, there’s a lot going on in this video, but it’s really spot on. Room 28 Comedy taps into the powers of Eleven from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and Drake’s hit song “Controlla” to totally give UPS drivers, abuelos and shady neighborhood dudes the boot. Ain’t nobody going to mess with these girls when they’re singing their song.

2. If Big Sean Rapped About Trump – IDFWU Parody

Stand up and preach! While technically this video is a “parody”, it’s pretty damn real. Thanks to Trump’s heinous comments about the Latino community, Room 28 Comedy made this dope track to explain why Latinos won’t be voting for him anytime soon. Praise.

3. Bodega Wars: Johnson’s Grocery Store vs. Hector’s Bodega

OH SNAP! It’s the war of the bodegas, and Room 28 knows what’s up. Which grocery store clerk will come out on top as they compete for the neighborhood business?! I mean, is Hector lying?

4. Luciano Car Dealership… It’s Sketchy AF

When you visit the Luciano Car Dealership, you’re guaranteed great prices, excellent customer service, and… NO GHOSTS. This is obviously the most important thing when shopping for a new car.

5. There’s farmersonly.com, Then There’s LOOKATME.COM.

Crazy people need love too, y’all. Which is why there’s now a dating site for unstable people! Hooray! Lookatme.com is the perfect place for the insane.

6. Virtual Reality

The idea of virtual reality is always an interesting one… but what happens when that ish gets a little too real?! When your virtual girlfriend is cheating on you, you know it’s bad.

7. Bernie To Clinton Be Like ‘Why You Always Lyin’ ?

When society has the attention span of a fish, and everything needs to be consumed in under a minute, it’s only natural it would bleed into the news. Enjoy – INSTANEWS. News fast and to the point. Honestly, how everything should be.

8. Face2Face

Honestly? I would definitely watch this movie. In this sketch, Room 28 Comedy explores the idea that every international spy has the same idea to wear masks to infiltrate hideouts.

9. Cruz Moving Company

Finally!  A moving company that will not only help you move your belongings… but also… you? Huh? Honestly, this sounds kind of great. I would enjoy someone just carrying me around places.

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What is your favorite Room 28 Comedy sketch? Let us know in the comments below!

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