This Latina Is Campaigning For Trump 8 Miles From Where He Wants To Build His Wall

Credit: CNN

Twenty-four-year-old Miriam Cepeda wants to make America great again – by Donald Trump’s standards – and she’s not afraid to say it. In a Texas region where 90 percent of the population is Latino and 70 percent voted for Obama in 2012, she volunteers to campaign for Trump. “Being a Latina and supporting Mr. Donald J. Trump in this democratic stronghold that we live in here in the Rio Grande valley is hard in the sense that I get shot down maybe four [out of] five times, but at the same time it just takes one positive feedback to keep you going.”

She’s not shy about the elephant in the room, either. “Our culture is very machísimo [but she means machista] so that meaning there’s a lot of pride and honor; they will not give into somebody that’s claiming that their race are rapists or criminals.”

“That’s the truth. That’s what the truth is,” she says frankly. “He’s the only candidate that’s been upfront about it. Even though the statistics are there, they will refuse to see them.”

To stand behind his Cinco De Mayo taco bowl fiasco, she held a traditional pachanga with tamales, sangria and – yep – taco salad. The panchanga was packed proving that Cepeda is not the only Trump supporter in the valley. They even proudly shared the Trump piñata they had sitting in the middle of the room. Maybe they didn’t know piñatas usually get the sh*t beat out of them. Or perhaps they did. Part of the whole strategy seems to be unapologetic recognition of people’s feelings of Trump and their opposition to them. It’s so bold we almost admire it. Except, Trump.

Watch the video here.

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If You Choke To Death When Your Mom Roasts Chile, This Video Will Hit Home

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If You Choke To Death When Your Mom Roasts Chile, This Video Will Hit Home

Campesinos queman Chile en las puertas del Palacio de Gobierno para que les abran y atiendan peticiones

Posted by Conurbados Morelos on Monday, June 27, 2016

Mexican tear gas.

Earlier this week, a group of farmers and activists from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico gathered to protest in front of the city’s Palacio de Gobierno. The farmers had several issues they wanted to discuss, including grievances about irrigation, fertilizer, housing — you know, farmer stuff. Apparently, no one from the government wanted to hear it, so some of the farmers figured out a way to force someone to come out. They set down a bunch of chiles and began burning them, hoping that the stinging smoke would be too much to bear. If you’ve even been home when your mom is roasting chiles, you know it’s basically Mexican tear gas.

It appears no one came down to talk to the farmers, but according to Zona Centro Noticias, one person in the building needed medical attention. Carolina Gonzalez, an EMT who treated someone at the scene told Zona Centro Noticias, “The person who we treated was very close to the window where things were being burned, so there were some complications but we’ve stabilized her.”

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