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CREDIT: Venga la Alegria / TV Azteca

Bad gas? Hey, we’ve all been there. Unfortunately for Ingrid Coronado Fritz, she went there live on “Venga la Alegria.” During the game “Juego Sin Palabras,” Ingrid got a little to excited to jump in and ended up blurting out more than just the answer (you can hear her bring the thunder at around the eight second mark). The guy in the blue suit reacted by saying “¿Que pasoooooooooooo?” and then quickly recovered. The surrounding cast was quick to catch on to Ingrid’s faux pas and broke into giggles, which is ALWAYS the correct response.

While farts are definitely funny, here’s a little known fact: the worlds oldest joke is a Sumerian fart joke. Here’s how it goes, “Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.” That’s it. Pretty simple, but not bad considering it dates back to 1900 BC. Farts were funny then, and as this clip proves, farts are funny now.

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