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This Latina Confronted a Starbucks Barista for Stealing From Her

A Starbucks employee in Bellflower, California just learned a very valuable lesson: NEVER mess with a Latina. The now former-Starbucks employee got caught on video using a customers credit card information for a grocery store trip and the victim was not going away without a fight.

Juana Martinez was pumping herself up in the drive-thru at Starbucks while her husband recorded the video of the confrontation.

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Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

“We’re gonna get even,” Martinez says in the video. “That’s what we’re going to do.”

The night before the video, Martinez claimed that $212 was used from her card at a grocery store and this barista was caught on camera.

Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

“So, just know that the cops are coming up here. They recorded your ass and everything,” Martinez says to the employee. “You took a f—ing copy of my card the other day on New Year’s Day. You know what you did.”

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Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

^^That face is the fear only a Latina can inflict.

The former employee quickly admitted to the theft and apologized profusely, even offering to pay the money back right then and there.

Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

“You’re sorry that you’re about to lose you f—ing job because corporate knows?” Martinez asked interrupting the 19-year-old’s attempt to apologize.

Even though the girl kept trying to talk herself out of it saying she is a good kid who goes to school and plays soccer…

Defend Yourself
Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

It did nothing to calm Martinez as she laid into the teenage barista.

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According to NBC4 News, Martinez is not going to be pressing charges against the former Starbucks barista saying the viral video is punishment enough.

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Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

Watch the full confrontation go down here. *grabs popcorn*

Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

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