People Wasted No Time To Meme This Woman After This Photo Hit The Internet

Just over a week ago, a teenage drunk driver was videotaped bribing an officer with 100 pesos ($6). The footage promptly went viral, earning the teen the nickname #Lady100Pesos. Now there’s a new lady sweeping across social media in Mexico.

Once this photo, which shows a woman holding up a sweater while another woman uses an ATM, hit the Internet, #LadyCajero was born.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

Soon, she was outfitting Harry Potter with a cape…

Credit: @DiegoGlezR / Twitter

She tried to stop Jack from drawing Rose like one of his French girls…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And she didn’t want to see Cersei shamed for her transgressions…

Credit: @voranges / Twitter

LadyCajero helped Britney Spears avoid a wardrobe malfunction…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And prevented Kim Kardashian from breaking the Internet.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

She showed off her bullfighting prowess…

Credit: @elbukisss / Twitter

And expressed her disdain of Mr. Burns-inspired art.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.50.47 AM
Credit: @hypervoila / Twitter

She was appalled by Cristian Castro’s post-massage pose…

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.51.00 AM
Credit: @hypervoila / Twitter

She put the finishing touch on Dr. Strange’s costume…

Credit: @Cinemex / Twitter

She helped Keanu maintain a bit of privacy while he got his poop on…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And, of course, she reminded us that crack kills.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

WATCH: Teenage Drunk Driver Goes Viral In Mexico After Offering Police 100 Pesos

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These Two Latino Dance Sensations Are Everything You Wish You And Your Siblings Were


These Two Latino Dance Sensations Are Everything You Wish You And Your Siblings Were

McKenzie Morales / Gavin Morales / Facebook

The Morales family of Fresno, Calif., must be super proud, because siblings Gavin and McKenzie Morales are two adorable dance sensations. They ROCK so much that their wicked dancing has been featured on some of your favorite television shows.

Gavin Morales, 11, had only been dancing for four years when he first appeared on “The Ellen Show.”

Credit: TheEllenShow / EllenTube / YouTube

Me after watching Gavin spin: ?

And he did NOT hold back when it came to showing off his skills.

Credit: TheEllenShow / EllenTube / YouTube

McKenzie, 13, has a little more dance experience under her belt, and she is slaying in her own right.

Credit: TheEllenShow / EllenTube / YouTube

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this teen’s super strong toes.

Credit: TheEllenShow / EllenTube / YouTube


Credit: Steve Harvey TV / NBC Universal / Giphy

Here’s how much Gavin and McKenzie Morales are SLAYING the dance game right now:

Credit: Gavin Morales / Facebook

McKenzie and Gavin have won numerous dance awards, including some top national honors, and have now been featured on two different Ellen Degeneres shows.

McKenzie first started dancing at 7 years old because her parents thought it would help her overcome her “severe anxiety.”

Credit: McKenzie Morales / Facebook

“I suffer from severe anxiety and most of the time I just want to stay in my room and don’t want to face the world,” McKenzie told judges of EllenTube’s first original series “‘tWitch & Allison’s Dance Challenge.” McKenzie added, “Dance and my parents help me get through those tough times.”

Gavin started dancing when he was 6 years old. His biggest inspiration? Watching his sister practice.

Credit: Gavin Morales / Facebook

“I started dancing because I was watching my sister dance and I was like, ‘That’s so easy. I could do that,'” Gavin told Ellen Degeneres. “And then I was in the lobby of the dance studio, and I just started teaching myself all these moves. Now I am at a dance studio training, and now I’m on The Ellen Show!”

Oh, they have even been on Lifetime’s popular reality TV show “Dance Moms.”

Credit: Gavin Morales / Facebook

And you can find plenty of drama on momma Morales’ Twitter page.

Keep it up, you two. Your future is looking suuuper bright.

Credit: TODAY / NBC / austex_mike / Reddit

Watch Gavin’s full “The Ellen Show” performance here.

Credit: TheEllenShow / EllenTube / YouTube

Watch McKenzie’s full “‘tWitch and Allison Dance Challenge” audition here.

Credit: TheEllenShow / EllenTube / YouTube

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