People Wasted No Time To Meme This Woman After This Photo Hit The Internet

Just over a week ago, a teenage drunk driver was videotaped bribing an officer with 100 pesos ($6). The footage promptly went viral, earning the teen the nickname #Lady100Pesos. Now there’s a new lady sweeping across social media in Mexico.

Once this photo, which shows a woman holding up a sweater while another woman uses an ATM, hit the Internet, #LadyCajero was born.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

Soon, she was outfitting Harry Potter with a cape…

Credit: @DiegoGlezR / Twitter

She tried to stop Jack from drawing Rose like one of his French girls…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And she didn’t want to see Cersei shamed for her transgressions…

Credit: @voranges / Twitter

LadyCajero helped Britney Spears avoid a wardrobe malfunction…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And prevented Kim Kardashian from breaking the Internet.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

She showed off her bullfighting prowess…

Credit: @elbukisss / Twitter

And expressed her disdain of Mr. Burns-inspired art.

Credit: @hypervoila / Twitter

She was appalled by Cristian Castro’s post-massage pose…

Credit: @hypervoila / Twitter

She put the finishing touch on Dr. Strange’s costume…

Credit: @Cinemex / Twitter

She helped Keanu maintain a bit of privacy while he got his poop on…

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

And, of course, she reminded us that crack kills.

Credit: LadyCajero / Facebook

WATCH: Teenage Drunk Driver Goes Viral In Mexico After Offering Police 100 Pesos

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