This is Why René Pérez of Calle 13 Won a Nobel Peace Summit Award

So, Residente of Calle 13 just received a Nobel Peace Summit Award, which is awarded to personalities in entertainment and culture who stand up bring awareness to social issues. How did that happen you ask? Residente, a.k.a. René Pérez, has been a very loud and progressive voice for several causes throughout his time with Calle 13. He’s supported everything from LGBT rights to the eradication of human trafficking, all while making pulse-pounding music. Here are just some of the things René Pérez did to deserve the Nobel Peace Summit Award.

Dude supports LGBT rights globally and has not been shy about saying so.

Calle 13 teamed up with MTV and UNICEF to make a movie called Invisible Slaves which tackled human trafficking.

Credit: MTV / UNICEF / Invisible Slaves / ¡Luchemos contra la trata de personas! / YouTube

The film, which was directed by Pérez, highlighted the problems and conditions many children and young girls find themselves after they forced into sex work.

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The Calle 13 frontman sat down with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to write “Multi_Viral,” a song addressing government censorship.

In Calle 13’s “Adentro” music video, René destroys his Maserati in a protest against consumerism.

Credit: Calle13VEVO / YouTube

“When I started using the car, it made me feel uncomfortable owning it … because I realized that the car stood for everything that is wrong with society,” René told DailyMail. “Material goods aren’t what makes life worthwhile.”

Credit: Calle13VEVO / YouTube

Residente has taken part in marches against police brutality in the U.S., standing in solidarity with his African-American peers.

René has used his fame in the Latino community to bring awareness to the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students in Mexico.

He has been fighting against the political imprisonment of Oscar López Rivera.

The Nobel Prize was also awarded, in part, to the use of his lyrics to promote social causes like…

Immigration with “Pa’l Norte”

Credit: Calle13VEVO / YouTube

?En tu sonrisa yo veo una guerrilla, una aventura, un movimiento tu lenguaje, tu acento. Yo quiero descubrir lo que ya estaba descubierto.?

Consumerism and Violence with “Adentro”

Credit: Calle13VEVO / YouTube

?Mi honestidad es color transparente, me puedes ver por dentro con solo mirarme de frente.?

Censorship with “Multi_Viral”

Credit: elvecindariocalle13 / YouTube

?Y no nos paran porque un mensaje contundente. Convierte a cualquier teniente en un tiburón sin dientes.?

Death of Filiberto Queda with “Querido FBI”

Credit: pegao / YouTube

?Ahora voy a explotar con estilo en el nombre de Filiberto Ojeda Ríos. Me tumbaron el pulmón derecho pero todavía respiro. Me voy a los tiros, pero todavía respiro.?

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