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This Is Why Barbacoa Is Usually Just Sold on Weekends

Texas Traditions: BarbacoaBarbacoa Sunday’s are a way of life in South Texas. Learn more about a food culture that’s rooted in family tradition and grew out of our state’s farms and ranches.

Posted by BEEF Loving Texans on Monday, July 11, 2016

Barbacoa is life.

Contrary to what some misinformed people believe, barbacoa isn’t cooked on a grill. It’s a process that requires a fire pit, and a lot of time and attention, which is why many carnicerias only sell the tender and heavenly meat on weekends.

The video above comes to us from the Texas Beef Council, who, in its effort to push the consumption of delicious cow, have actually made a pretty good video about what barbacoa means to one South Texas family, where the ritual of preparing the cow head and lowering into the pit has become a multi-generational affair.

Beyond its “you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it” levels of deliciousness, barbacoa holds a lot of sentimental value for my own family. Since high school, my father has spent his Monday through Friday working 300 miles from home, sacrificing spending time with his wife and children in order to provide us a comfortable existence. Without fail, hours before he makes the dreaded five-hour drive from McAllen to Bay City, Texas, my old man stands in line at the carniceria and brings back two pounds of the freshly made meat. It’s long been our Sunday ritual. It’s long been one of the best parts of going home.

Watch: You’ll Have A Newfound Appreciation for This Tex-Mex Staple

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17 Hilarious Pokémon Go Memes That'll Make You Lose Your Poké Balls


17 Hilarious Pokémon Go Memes That’ll Make You Lose Your Poké Balls

@Dory / Twitter

“Pokemon GO” fever is real.


If you take a look around, you’ll notice it’s got everyone in your neighborhood like…

Via Giphy
CREDIT: Via Giphy

And if you’re playing it, it’s definitely got a hold of you.

It’s got you going into uncharted territory.

Via Efren_MendozaG / Twitter
CREDIT: Via Efren_MendozaG / Twitter

It’s making you take risks.

Via ZIRICOCHETIZ99 / Twitter

It’s probably influencing your life decisions.

But it’s also helping you make new friends.

You parents, on the other hand, probably aren’t as excited about it.

But it may have you learning new skills…

And it’s definitely inspiring you to get more exercise.

Sometimes, it may lead you to places you’d never thought you’d go.

Via Z4PP3D / Twitter
CREDIT: Via Z4PP3D / Twitter

And sometimes, the expectations don’t quite match the reality.


It’s probably made you more aware of your surroundings, though.

And you’re viewing the world with a completely new lens.

And those who don’t play it probably don’t get what’s going on with you.

It’s made you more competitive…

Your desire to travel has probably increased by 200 percent.


And your capacity to stay awake into the wee hours of the morning has also increased 200 percent.

But it’s all worth it when you find a Pokémon. And it’s even better when you catch one.


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