This Is What Democrats Think Of Latinos

Contempt from politicians is nothing new for the Latino community. Trump is openly hostile towards Latinos, while the Democrats have sort of always politely listened to our needs, always (exclusively) talking to us about our immigration troubles (but only talk, with no action) and holding our purse when we need to go nuts on the dance floor. But when WikiLeaks recently released to the public more than 19,000 emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee, some showed that the blue party has exercised poor judgement in their attempts to woo Latino voters.

The main email in question is from a third-party document found in the DNC’s email correspondence, in which Latinos are talked about as a brand, instead of, you know, human beings.

The document is fraught with condescending and calculated language directed at how to attract Latino millennial voters. As soon as it became public, people expressed their outrage with the DNC via social media.

Credit: @jpbrammer/Twitter

Doesn’t sound like these tactics sit well with the people they were targeting.

The creator of this document, Steve Lucero, reached out to the DNC to fund his app designed to attract Latino millennial voters. Rather than turn Lucero away, the DNC kept the conversation going, as if to say, “we agree with what you wrote.” Here’s a closer look at what the democrats were considering in the pursuit of our vote.

Credit: WikiLeaks

Ever “accidentally” read a text that wasn’t meant for you, and turns out to be about you? That’s this feeling.  All the democrats have remember is – “don’t do what Donald Trump is doing” – to win this election. Instead, the guidelines that follow reveal that the DNC might have more in common with Trump than they’ve been telling us.

1. Hispanics are the most brand loyal consumers in the World: Known fact

Putting “known fact” at the end of your statement is a great way to make it undeniably true. Every day Selena Gomez consumes a bald eagle for breakfast: known fact. See? Wikipedia is more reliable than this “no citation needed”declaration.

2. Hispanic brand loyalty is generational: Entire families.

brand loyal
Credit: Top Most Rare / YouTube

Anyone who’s ever argued about politics with their parents over dinner (or, ahem, ripped a Trump sign out of their uncle’s lawn in the dead of night) knows this is untrue across all cultures.

3. Once a brand loses this loyalty, Hispanics never re-engage: Unforgiving.

Credit: Sophie Louise P / Tumblr

When the alternative to the democrats is Donald Trump, a man that calls Latino’s rapists and criminals, you really give us no options. We either don’t vote or we vote for the least racist brand of politicians. Either way, what we feel is alienation, not a lack of forgiveness.

4. If a brand earns this loyalty, Hispanics will always be loyal and influence family and extended family to be loyal: Long term relationship.

Again, this is basically true of all cultures across the board. I’m betting that the author of this document gets paid by the word and just threw this tidbit in to pad his potential income.

5. Hispanics are the most responsive to “story telling”: Brands need to “speak with us”

Credit: The Ash Williams / Imgur

This is Steve Lucero’s nice way of saying, “Hispanics can’t read. So talk at them.”

This is only a small sample of the document, which you can check out here if you want to see it for yourself. Remember, this wasn’t written by the DNC, but the fact that they had their hand in the cookie jar means they’re accountable for keeping the conversation going.

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Yes, Latino Trump Supporters Exist, And America Ferrera Explains Why


Yes, Latino Trump Supporters Exist, And America Ferrera Explains Why

Trump has Latino supporters. We know this because, well, the polls indicate as much, and the cameras at the RNC made sure to show off the few in attendance. So it’s not up for debate whether Latino Trump supporters exist, but the nagging question no one has been able to answer to any degree of certainty is:

Why do any Latinos support Trump?

In a recent interview with Bill Maher, America Ferrera attempted to explain this phenomenon, saying, “Latino Americans are Americans, and they care about the same things all Americans care about. So of course there’s going to be a portion of the American Latino population that is angry.”

If you’re angry, Trump is the perfect candidate.

At the risk of painting them with too broad a brush, Latinos leaning towards Trump tend to come from working class backgrounds, who have lived in historically Latino neighborhoods that are experiencing economic stress and the impending wave of gentrification. They work hard, they want relief, and they believe that Trump, who calls himself an outsider, is someone who can offer them their relief. And I get it. I’ve spent most of adult life at or below the poverty level. Relief sounds amazing, but not if it comes at the expense of human beings. Or as Trump calls them, “illegals.” And let’s be clear, Trump is not about relief. Trump is about cultivating a toxic mix of worship and fear-mongering.

In politics, the word immigrant is code for Latino.

Lucas with Dude

I’m not the most Latino person you’ll ever meet. I don’t speak Spanish well, and I just ate guacamole with peas in it. But let’s say Trump does get all the immigrants out of this country. Where do you think all that fear and anger he’s cultivated will be redirected to? The fact is in this country “immigrant” tends to be a stand-in for Latino, and when it comes to anti-immigrant rhetoric, having actual papers tends to be less relevant than having brown skin.

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