The Craziest Boob Job Ever…It Involves A LOT of Drugs

Drug mules have come a long way — from smuggling cocaine in their stomachs to smuggling it in their breast implants around the world… YES, breast implants.

Guadalupe Luin, a woman from Mexico, was one of these women. She was recently busted in Medellín, Colombia trying to smuggle out 1,400 grams of liquid cocaine in her breast implants. That’s roughly a $24,000 boob job.

“The suspect voluntarily agreed to get an x-ray, which showed breast implants that had a different color than normal implants,” police said.

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Now she faces 4 to 12 years in a Colombian prison. LBH, she’s probably not the only one trying to smuggle the drugs out because Colombia’s cocaine production has almost doubled in the last year. Some experts blame the slowing economy in the country due to lower oil prices and others say it’s the increase in price of the coca leaf.

One thing is for sure, boob job or not, cocaine will be smuggled out.

Check out how many others have tried to smuggle cocaine in their implants here.

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