This Interactive Map Shows That Immigration Is NOT Just A Latino Thing

Credit: Metrocosm / YouTube

Immigrants have been coming in droves for centuries.

Ever wondered just who is coming into the U.S.? Well, the folks at Metrocosm have broken it all down in this nifty little infographic. As the video shows, for 100 years (1820-1920) Europe basically had a monopoly on immigrants coming to the U.S., peaking in the early 1900s. As time went on, more and more people from different parts of the world started coming.

This sweet graph shows just how many of what nationality have come to the U.S.

Credit: metrocosm

Now, don’t get too concerned with the number of people. After all, the global population keeps growing and growing. As time passes, more and more people are being born, and we’re living longer because of things like modern medicine. The real takeaway from this graph is that Mexicans didn’t really start coming into the U.S. in significant numbers until the 1920s, and even then there were far more Canadians entering the U.S. than Mexicans.

Here is the important number: percentage compared to the U.S. population.

Credit: metrocosm

While there are more people immigrating to the U.S. now than before, the effects are essentially nonexistent. As you can see, Mexican immigrants are almost 1.5 percent of the population when they arrive. One. Point. Five. Percent. If we think 1.5 percent of a population can cause widespread economic devastation or take all the jobs, then we really need to put more emphasis on math.

Not to mention that the recent trend shows more Asians emigrating to the U.S. than Latinos.

Credit: rollingAss / Reddit

So, what was that argument that Mexican immigrants are taking over this country again?

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