This Future City Could Be The First Step To Erasing The US/Mexico Border

Mexican architect Fernando Romero has a very ambitious plan: to connect the U.S. and Mexico with one futuristic binational city. This is literally the most extreme take on the erase-the-border narrative.

This border-straddling city is the dream of Mexican architect Fernando Romero.

Fernando Romero Enterprise

Not only does the city have a touch of the super futuristic, it is also a way of literally erasing the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The city would be anchored between New Mexico and Texas, and would race down to Chihuahua, Mexico. Fernando Romero is hoping to have the city built in 12 years.

The proposed city would take up 3,121,531,000 square feet, roughly 111 square miles.

Fernando Romero Enterprise

For reference, the city of Los Angeles is about 503 square miles, making this new city one-fifth the size. The red line in the image above shows the U.S.-Mexico border as it exists today.

The architect has really planned this out, and has given glimpses of how the city’s moving pieces–like a train system–would function.

Fernando Romero Enterprise

“With technology, those borders are just becoming symbolic limits,” Romero told Dezeen Magazine. “The reality is that there exists a very strong mutual dependency of economies and trades.”

And the bus system.

Fernando Romero Enterprise

“The border is very primitive as a limit,” Romero added. “It operates very efficiently from the north to the south, America to Mexico, because there’s nobody stopping the cars and the traffic, but the other way around it is very inefficient.”

Fernando Romero Enterprise wants to set the standard of future metropolises by studying past examples of cultural blending across borders.

Fernando Romero Enterprise

“The concept is rooted in the long history of places where frontiers meet, cities where cultures both clash and blend to create something altogether unique, places like Hong Kong, Andorra, Baarle Hertog/Baarle Nassau, and Standstead/Derby Line,” said the press release according to City Lab.

“Border City is the first integrated masterplan for a binational city conducive to both sides of the border, employing tools of enterprise such as special economic zones to argue for its viability,” the press release states, according to City Lab.

Fernando Romero Enterprise

This seems like the first logical step to finally advancing to the future we all imagine.

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