This Guy Sing Covers Of Banda Songs And He Does All The Instruments, Too

Meet Joey Calderon.

He’s a *tuba player for Regional Mexican singer Regulo Caro.

During his downtime, he becomes a one-man band, posting impressive acapella versions of norteño and banda songs. Listen:

Yep, that’s all one dude’s doing.

A few months ago, Calderon started off with a few simple harmonies…

Then he moved on to singing along with a piano…

And eventually worked in more and more “instruments.”

Now, he’s killing it with songs like “Ya Te Perdi La Fe” by La Arrolladora Banda El Limón…

Credit: @joeycalderon28 / Instagram

And “A Lo Mejor” by Banda MS.

If you’re asking yourself, “Where’s Banda El Recodo?” Here you go:

It all just makes you wanna get up from your seat and do this:

Credit: TheRikardoTj / YouTube

Wish his videos were longer? You can watch extended versions of Joey Calderon’s covers on YouTube.

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