This Gigantic Rosca De Reyes Is A Yearly Tradition In Mexico

Keeping with a favorite tradition, Thursday saw thousands of Mexico City residents gather at the famous Zócalo plaza to feast on a gargantuan rosca de reyes, the Telegraph reports. The cake, celebrating Día de Reyes, measured around 15,500 feet (which is just under 3 miles long), and weighed in at 20,000 lbs. The free event is an annual celebration put on by Mexico’s government, which brings people together, but also allows poorer families – who wouldn’t be able to buy or make their own cake – to join in the festivities. No word on who found the baby Jesus, but I’d can’t imagine how many tamales they’ll have to bring to compete with this ginormous cake.

[H/T] Families line up for slice of 4,724-metre long cake to celebrate Three Kings Feast

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