This Former Presidential Candidate Just Channeled His Inner Nacho Libre

Credit: Cactus Jack/YouTube

Nachoooooooooooo Liiiiiibre!

Mitt Romney has come a long way from his “self-deportation” days. The former Republican presidential candidate recently embraced his Mexican roots and jumped inside the lucha ring dressed as Nacho Libre, the character made famous by Jack Black.

It was all for a good cause: Romney rocked the stretchy pants at an event in Salt Lake City, Utah, that benefitted CharityVision International, a nonprofit spearheaded by his son that combats blindness in developing nations, according to MassLive. The headliners of the evening were none other than former boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya and actor/presenter Mario Lopez.

For his part, Romney appears to have enjoyed himself.

Credit: @MittRomney/Twitter

And in case you’re wondering why a Latino-themed event would even take place in a place like Utah, you should probably know that the state’s Latino population has exploded by nearly 78 percent in the last decade. In fact, Latinos now constitute 13 percent of all Utahns. This is yet another example that shows that we’re taking over,  which makes us feel like:

Credit: Nacho Libre/Paramount Pictures/Tumblr

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