This Former Governor Thinks Latinos Will Help Donald Trump Win Arizona

Former governor of Arizona Jan Brewer had no problem claiming that Donald Trump will win Arizona in the general election. Her reasoning? When it comes to Latinos, Brewer says that “they don’t vote.” Seriously. She said that Latinos are willing to just sit at home during this election to hand Trump a win in the state of Arizona.

Former Arizona governor Jan Brewer wants people to know that Latinos don’t vote.

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“Nah,” Brewer told The Boston Globe when asked if Latinos might tip Arizona from red to blue. “They don’t get out and vote. They don’t vote.”

OK, Brewer. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but using a broad brush to paint an entire population is just wrong. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking that Latinos won’t show up to vote. But let’s face it, Donald Trump will be credited with one thing: getting Latinos to register to vote like never before. In September, before the relentless attacks on Alicia Machado and the infamous “Access Hollywood” bus tape, Google reported that voter registration searches skyrocketed in heavily Latino regions. There have also been several organizations that have been pushing to register more Latino voters than ever before.

But, here’s the thing, Brewer. There are almost 1,000,000 eligible Latino voters in Arizona making up 21.5 percent of all eligible Arizona voters.

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It’s hard to think Latinos would sit out in this election after Trump has called Mexican immigrants rapists, kicked Latino reporters out of news conferences for challenging him, and blamed the issues of violence in the U.S. on Latinos and African-Americans. Those are just three of so many offensive, unnecessary and hateful things the Republican nominee has said.

According to a Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News Poll, Latinos are already influencing the vote in Arizona.

Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News Poll / azcentral.com

The poll shows that of the Latinos who were surveyed for the poll 25.6 percent say they are voting for Trump while 32.0 percent will be casting a vote for Hillary Clinton.

And when you take a larger look at how Arizona voters are leaning, it is clear to see that people are kind of siding with Clinton.

Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News Poll / azcentral.com

The poll, which was released in October 2016, has Clinton ahead of Trump 39 percent to 33.9 percent.

So, Jan. We are just going to have to see what happens to Arizona come November 8.

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If Latinos turn the state blue, the only person to blame for their renewed interest in politics will be you.

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Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

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A Ted Cruz Piñata Exists And People Want One So Bad


A Ted Cruz Piñata Exists And People Want One So Bad

Sen. Ted Cruz has reached peak infamy with a piñata in his honor. People have been turned into piñatas over the years for both good and bad reasons. The Cruz piñata serves as a reminder of the senator’s attempt to flee the brutal Texas winter crisis.

A Texas party store is selling piñatas of Sen. Ted Cruz and people are into it.

Piñatas are always the centerpiece of a fun party and they are even more exciting when they are topical. One party shop in Texas is riding on the wave of local and national news criticizing Sen. Cruz to cash in.

Last week Sen. Cruz was caught boarding a United flight to Cancún, Mexico to escape the winter storm devastating Texas. As millions of Texans survived without water and power, the Cruz family booked a Mexican getaway to warmer weather and reliable electricity.

At first, Sen. Cruz tried to blame his daughters for fleeing Texas as his constituents suffered from the weather. He soon changed his story and claimed that he realized he had made a mistake as soon as he sat down on the plane waiting to depart from Houston.

Finally, after days of speculation, someone came forward and leaked text messages from Sen. Cruz’s wife, Heidi. Turns out, according to the texts, that the Cruz family was actively planning a vacation to avoid the snowstorm. According to the texts, the Cruz family was trying to convince neighbors and friends to join them so they can get out of their freezing house. The criticism amplified when it was reported that the Cruz family left the family dog behind as they fled to Mexico.

People are eager to get their hands on a Sen. Cruz piñata.

Families have been in quarantine for almost a year and they are hitting a wall. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it is no surprise that people would want to have something to do together outdoors. Seems that a lot of people would like a piñata party to celebrate the bad weather slowly moving out.

There are even some people asking for different people made as piñatas.

You never know unless you ask, right? Never hurts to try to make your own request to better your birthday. It seems that the party store is able to make various different piñatas. The party store made a piñata after Sen. Bernie Sanders’ famous mitten moment at President Biden’s inauguration.

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Arizona Congresswoman Says That Hispanics Are ‘Good Workers’ But Shouldn’t Get Vaccines Before ‘American Citizens’

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Arizona Congresswoman Says That Hispanics Are ‘Good Workers’ But Shouldn’t Get Vaccines Before ‘American Citizens’

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Coronavirus infection rates are falling drastically, but a new debate rages on: how to quickly, effectively, and ethically distribute vaccines to as many people as possible.

Last week, Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko stated that Hispanic people–despite being “good workers”–shouldn’t get vaccinated before “American citizens”.

“I worked with people that are Hispanic,” Rep. Lesko said “I mean they’re very good workers…We’re compassionate people, but for goodness sakes, we have to take care of American citizens, or people that are here legally, first.”

She continued: “I’m just not going to be able to explain to my senior citizens that we’re giving away the vaccines to people that (are) here illegally. I just think that’s totally wrong.”

“My Democratic colleagues are putting illegal immigrants over them,” Lesko said during the hearing. “If I read it right, all this amendment says is put Americans first. Put Americans first, and once they’re all vaccinated, then you can go to the illegal immigrants.”

The statement was made during a House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing where representatives were debating an amendment to a COVID-19 relief bill.

The Republican amendment suggested prioritizing American citizens over non-citizens when it comes to getting vaccinated first. Democrats argued that purposefully excluding non-citizens from getting vaccinated would keep the virus from being properly contained.

“The vaccine has no clue about where you come from, whether you have papers, whether you’re considered a citizen or legal or not,” said Democratic Congresswoman from Illinois, Jan Schakowsky. “It makes no sense. This is dangerous.”

Arizona State Senator Martin Quezada told NBC News that Lesko’s statement “reeks of racism.”

“There are a lot of people of color in her district and for her to be disconnected and really that offensive about how she sees us, as nothing more than good workers and not entitled to equitable vaccine distribution,” he said.

When asked about her remarks, Rep. Lesko defend them to political outlet The Hill: “Taken in context, my remarks clearly were aimed at ensuring that seniors receive taxpayer-funded vaccines before illegal immigrants,” she said. “During debate on the amendment, after being interrupted several times, I said something that could be misinterpreted, but it certainly was not my intent.”

But it seems that it this point, Lesko is trying to do damage control. Just today, she tweeted out a picture of the local “Hispanic Advisory Board”, accompanied by a caption written completely in Spanish.

“Estoy orgullosa por el lanzamiento de nuestra Junta Asesora Hispana, la primera reunión fue anoche,” the tweet read. “Esta se enfocará en las maneras en que podemos servir mejor a los miembros de nuestra comunidad Hispana en Arizona!” (“I am proud of the launch of our Hispanic Advisory Board, the first meeting was last night. It will focus on ways we can better serve members of our Hispanic community in Arizona!“)

Serving a state that is 30% Hispanic, it seems like Lesko may now be regretting her previous comments…

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