Do You Care about Seals and Fish? Then You Should Applaud Chile

Think seals are cute? How about swordfish? Think they’re awesome? Well Chile is taking an aggressive step to protect these and all ocean life in the largest marine reserve to date, Nazca-Desventuradas Marine Park.  The area, almost as big as Italy, is home to species seen nowhere else in the world.

This new reserve triples the amount of protected waters in Chile as it gives scientists the opportunity to study and learn how the ecosystem is supposed to function naturally. “With the creation of this marine park around Desaventuradas, we’re also becoming a leader in marine conservation,” said Alex Muñoz, vice president of Oceana in Chile.

It’s a step in the right direction as the world try’s to meet the United Nations’ target to protect 10 percent of the Earth’s oceans by 2020.  Way to lead the charge Chile!

Credit: TBS / Giphy

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