This Chinese Dude Went To Mexico’s Biggest Chinatown, Tried Some Food, And Hated It

Credit: Viceland / YouTube

“The food tastes like hot trash.”

Restauranteur Eddie Huang – the guy whose story inspired the TV show “Fresh Off The Boat” – visited Mexico’s biggest Chinatown for an episode of his Viceland series “Huang’s World.” In a deleted scene from the show, Huang arrives in Mexicali, Baja California, a city that is home to several generations of Chinese immigrants – and lots of Chinese food restaurants.

When Huang, who describes himself as Taiwanese-Chinese-American, joins journalist Santiago Fabregas and lawyer-model Cassandra Chen for some Mexicali style Chinese food, things get SUPER AWKWARD. Huang doesn’t think twice about being polite and instead proclaims that he hates it. Oof. Even more awkward? When Huang tries to speak Chinese with a Mexican woman of Chinese descent who has no idea what he’s saying.

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