This is What A $6 Million Quinceañera Looks Like

Credit: @mayahenry / Instagram

A poofy dress in her favorite color and a court of chambelanes in matching suits was just not going to cut it for the quinciañera of Maya Henry, daughter of San Antonio’s prestigious attorney Thomas J. Henry. No señores, her send off into adulthood needed to be headline-grabbing worthy…and a lavish party to the tune of $6 MILLION would did just the trick!

So what exactly do you get with $6 million? About nine Rolls Royce’s to transport the entire family to a fabulous custom-built, 55,000 square-feet venue decorated with 30-feet tall cherry trees and butterflies hanging from the ceiling, makeup by Patrick Ta — makeup artist to the Kardashians — and two custom-made dresses by Rolando Santana. As for entertainment, wait for it… wait for it: Nick Jonas AND Pitbull. STFU!

So how do you remember this special night? You have Michelle Obama’s photographer take pictures, of course!

Maya’s 29,000+ IG followers loved every second.


A photo posted by Maya Henry (@maya_henry) on


Like the Oscar-inspired decor.

#davidmonn #mayasquince #mayasquinceanera

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Did we mention that the venue built especially for the occasion was decorated with strings of butterflies hanging from the ceiling? #magical

The ginormous butterfly cake, that probably no one ate.


Way to keep a theme going.

Pitbull was on duty.

Also thank you @pitbull #pitbull #patricktamakeup#quinceañera #rolandosantana #ports1961 #sanantonio

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No one better to get the party started than Pitbull! Daaaaaale!

And Nick Jonas was the perfect gentleman.


And also super hot.

But Maya is used to taking pics with celebs, like…


A photo posted by Maya Henry (@maya_henry) on

Credit: @maya_henry / Instagram


@katyperry KNOWS WHATS UP #teens4hillary #ImWithHer #katyperry #hillaryclinton #hillary2016

A photo posted by Maya Henry (@maya_henry) on

Credit: @maya_henry / Instagram


pleasure to talk to @iamjamiefoxx the other night! #votehillary #imwithher #teens4hillary

A photo posted by Maya Henry (@maya_henry) on

Credit: @maya_henry / Instagram

and even…

Credit: @maya_henry / Instagram

Back to the party. Doesn’t her makeup rival the Kardashians’? We think so!

Thank you @patrickta i loved my bday party glam!!

A photo posted by Maya Henry (@maya_henry) on


Ain’t no party without a photobooth… amiright?

Love my best friend ??

A photo posted by Maya Henry (@maya_henry) on


All this thanks to her parents, Azteca and Thomas Henry.!

Us old people can have fun also @maya_henry ??#nickjonas #pitbull

A photo posted by Azteca Henry (@aztecahenry) on


Happy Quince Maya!

Thank you @rolando_santana for our custom dresses! #rolandosantana#rolandosantanafor ports#ports

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Credit: @aztecahenry / Instagram

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People Are Wanting To #ImpeachJoaquinCastro After He Tweeted Out A List Of San Antonio’s Top Trump Donors

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People Are Wanting To #ImpeachJoaquinCastro After He Tweeted Out A List Of San Antonio’s Top Trump Donors

joaquincastrotx / Instagram

In case you missed it, Democratic Presidential candidate Julian Castro’s twin brother Joaquin Castro recently tweeted out an image listing San Antonio’s top Trump 2020 campaign donors and their employers. He wanted people to know who is financially contributing to “a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.'”The GOP is outraged, with Donald Trump Jr. appearing on television to compare Castro’s tweet to a “hit list.” 

Twitter almost immediately saw #ImpeachJoaquinCastro begin trending and there’s a strange reason why. Joaquin Castro is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Texas’ 20th district, San Antonio. It would take a recall election to get him out of office. This story is about as over-the-top as anything Univision could ever put out.

Two days after the El Paso shooting, Joaquin released Trump’s “max” donors from San Antonio.

Credit: @Castro4Congress / Twitter

According to federal finance laws, the maximum individuals can donate to a single campaign per election is $2,800. Any donation that adds up to more than $200 must be reported to the FEC, which is then published on the FEC’s website. 

Most of the donors are retired, but many of them are business owners in the San Antonio area, and that’s important. Many folks choose to vote with their dollars and pocketbooks. It shouldn’t be anything surprising because, well, all political donations are public. It is easy to access records of who donates to what politician. As such, these claims that publishing this information is dangerous is inaccurate since it is already public record.

His tweet sparked a slew of outrage, largely from the GOP.

Credit: @ReenbeanAZ / Twitter

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted, “Targeting and harassing Americans because of their political beliefs is shameful and dangerous. What happened to ‘When they go low, we go high?’ Or does that no longer matter when your brother is polling at 1%? Americans deserve better.”

That said, Kevin McCarthy believes the problem was that the El Paso shooter just played too many video games.

Joaquin didn’t disclose any new information. He just collected the information that’s relevant to his district.

Democrats and other folks who know a thing or do about civics are pointing out that Castro literally just tweeted out public information. Anyone can find that information because it’s published in a public government database as a means to offer transparency to voters.

Castro isn’t taking the bait.

Credit: @madisonviger / Twitter

Because that’s what it appears to be. In a tweet, Castro called McCarthy out for “trying to distract from the racism that has overtaken the GOP and the fact that President Trump spends donor money on thousands of ads about Hispanics “invading” America.” He also tweeted, “No one was targeted or harassed in my post. You know that. All that info is routinely published.”

Castro will stop talking about campaign donors when Trump stops using their money for “ads that fuel hate.”

Credit: @joaquincastrotx / Twitter

Seems reasonable. Straight up, pastors are tweeting their support for Castro’s actions. “Congressman Joaquin Castro did exactly what democracy demands in releasing public information about donors to Donald Trump: he brought light to a dark place,” tweeted Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie. “Thank you, @JoaquinCastrotx We need to stand united against hate and bigotry.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Trump incorrectly spelled Joaquin Castro’s name all while unleashing condescending attacks on the guy.

Credit: @peterdaou / Twitter

We’re cringing. Trump republished his incorrect sentiments with his misspellings corrected. More shocking than all of this is that some of the campaign donors were max donors to Joaquin Castro as well. Castro put his own campaign on the line to shed light on Trump’s. One donor, William Greehey, donated the max amount to Castro’s congressional campaign in 2013. Greehey also funded his own $100 million into a homeless campus project that largely serves Latinos.

A bot-tracking platform has determined that the hashtag #ImpeachJoaquinCastro was amplified by troll bots.

Credit: @cbouzy / Twitter

The hashtag was likely started by someone who doesn’t understand government and then amplified by bots who are seeking to destabilize our own government. It’s both laughable and alarming. We’re in a novela.

This Twitter user said they were getting calls from Russia and Ukraine.

Credit: @geanpaulojeda / Twitter

Eek. Someone with a lot of power called Russian interference a “hoax.” We have to remain vigilant of the information we’re receiving. According to Bot Sentinel, this user is not a bot. 

While there is a lot of hype around this story, the objective truth is that Joaquin Castro shared public information in an effort to protect Latinos from further hate crimes.

Credit: @EricWolfson / Twitter

Campaign donors are aware that their name and employer will be made public on a federal database. In a new political climate that offers little to no accountability for hate speech, perhaps now its time for Trump donors to be held accountable as well.

READ: We Now Have A Better Look At What Migrants Are Facing In Detention Centers Thanks To Joaquin Castro And A Secret Camera

Watch This Girl Dance With Her Brother For The Father-Daughter Dance At Her Quince Because Her Papi Had Just Been Deported

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Watch This Girl Dance With Her Brother For The Father-Daughter Dance At Her Quince Because Her Papi Had Just Been Deported

@prisesaks / Twitter

A quinceañera should be one of the happiest days of a young girl’s life. It’s a giant birthday party meant to celebrate everything about her. It’s her big day. And us Latinos, we go big with quinces. Some parents save their entire lives to throw their daughter’s massive parties.

So that’s why this video, which has since gone viral, is such a big deal.

A young girl is forced to dance with her hermano during the father-daughter dance because her papi has just been deported a week before her party.

This is the heartbreaking video that’s since gone viral.

According to the original poster, @prisesaks, her uncle (who is the birthday girl’s father) Was deported just one week before the young girl’s quinceañera was set to happen. Rather than cancel the event and create more trauma for the family, the event went on as planned but the girl’s younger brother stepped up for the father-daughter dance and OMG the video is seriously too much.

You can feel the emotion of the girl as she wipes away tears and tries so hard to maintain her composure the best she can.

Yes, this is basically us after watching that video.

And we dare you to try and tell us you’re not looking the same right about now.

Like we know we’re not alone.

Like can you imagine looking forward to this super special moment with your papi, to then have him deported. He wasn’t able to attend her event whatsoever.

But then to have her brother come up and do the dance with her so she could still try and enjoy her moment…OMG my heart.

For most it was the sheer emotion of the video but for others it was the song that sent them over the edge.

And, of course, it’s a classic that’s played at father-daughter dances and this young girl sadly wasn’t able to enjoy it with her father.

And many on Twitter were devastated for the young girl because she was probably looking forward to this moment with her father her entire life.

Not only is it a moment she was likely looking forward to but it’s a moment many young women look back on for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, even though her father wasn’t there, her younger brother stepped up and gave her a very meaningful memory.

One Twitter user pointed out that it was a very real threat for many Latinos across the country.

Even if you’re in the country with authorization, simply being brown or looking a certain way, can land you in ICE custody. Even if you’re a US citizen. So many Latinos are being extra cautious when it comes to travel.

For many, it boiled down to the difference between right and wrong.

Many were shocked that our government’s policies were creating heartbreaking situations like this that tear a father apart from his daughter on her special day. But as long as the administration continues to enforce in humane and often racist immigration policies, this could be just the first case of many.

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