This Catchy Song Is The Perfect Tribute To Hard Working Latino Immigrants

Credit: antirecords/YouTube

“It’s a party across America, bachata in the back.”

Here’s an unspoken and indisputable truth about this country: America runs on Brown.

That’s the sentiment behind “Mexican Chef,” the latest single by Brooklyn-based artist Xenia Rubinos, who comes from Cuban and Puerto Rican roots. The song is a nearly 4-minute ode to hardworking Latino immigrants who do the jobs no one wants.

“Brown walks your baby/Brown walks your dog/Brown raised America in place of its mom,” Rubinos sings very matter-of-factly, backed by a catchy AF bass line as she dances along very much a la Rosie Perez in the beginning of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. “Brown cleans your house/Brown takes the trash/ Brown even wipes your grandaddy’s ass.” In my family’s case, Brown worked 12 hours a day picking heavily subsidized corn.

If you dig “Mexican Chef” (which, honestly, why wouldn’t you), make sure to check out the rest of her album, “Black Terry Cat,” currently available for sale and on streaming platforms. Xenia Rubinos is also currently on tour, so make sure to check her out.

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