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A Brazilian Social Security Worker May Have Discovered the Oldest Living Person Ever

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There’s a buzz in Brazil about a man who could be the oldest human alive. João Coelho de Souza, who lives in the northern Brazilian state of Acreis, is believed to be 131 years old. That’s right – ONE HUNDRED THIRTY ONE.

This is 131-year-old João Coelho de Souza with Brazilian social security agent Alexandre Santana Inss.

Credit: Kennedy Alfonso / Facebook

During a visit to Coelho de Souza’s home, Inss was shown a birth certificate by Coelho de Souza’s son, who claims his father is 131 years old.  The birth certificate states that Coelho de Souza was born March 10, 1884.

Here is his birth certificate. Why is “Certidão de Nacimento” in Comic Sans font? Hmm…

Credit: Kennedy Alfonso / Facebook

“While the current record holder for oldest living person (male) is Yasutaro Koide, we are aware of this claim and are investigating,” a spokesperson for the Guinness Book of Records told Fox News Latino. “We will provide more information and an update as to whether or not Mr. Coelho has claimed the title, as soon as we are able to.”

Dude was (allegedly) 30 years old when World War I started. Just think about that for a second.

His birthday also makes him 5 years older than Adolf Hitler.

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Coelho de Souza lives in the city of Meruoca in Ceará with his wife, who is 62, and granddaughter, who is 16.

Credit: Kennedy Alfonso / Facebook

You read that right. Dude’s wife is 69 years younger than him which means there is still hope that you’ll find your one and only any day now.

News of the man’s age has already spread around the world and, of course, opinions are split.

Credit: Kennedy Alfonso / Facebook

“It sometimes offends me because everything is documented and the documents have already been examined by experts to see if they’d been falsified and nothing abnormal was found,” Coelho de Souza’s 30-year-old daughter, Cirlene Souza, told the Daily Mail.

^^Yeah. His daughter is 30 meaning she was born when he was 101 years old.

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According to his family, Coelho de Souza is still lucid and has some stories to tell.

The current record holder for oldest male alive is 112-year-old Yasutaro Koide from Japan and the longest living person was Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died aged 122 in 1997. If Guinness Book of World Records is able to verify his age, Coelho de Souza would break both of those records.

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Love is Not Unconditional, Says Isabel Allende


Love is Not Unconditional, Says Isabel Allende

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Who doesn’t want to talk about love and death…well, maybe more the love part, but still!  In her new book, Isabel Allende explores these two topics.

The Japanese Lover takes place in a retirement home where the residents — from the World War II era — are very much alive and continue to experience life through love and memories. Most importantly, Allende uses her main characters, Alma and a Japanese gardener to dive into the topic of conditional love and death, two of life’s inescapable experiences.

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Allende, who recently ended her marriage of 27 years at the age of 70, injects her own thoughts on conditional love into the story:

“In my long life, in my experience, you can love your friends unconditionally. Your parents. Your children. Your pets, of course. I love my dog unconditionally, but never the man I’m sleeping with. I want something back. It’s such an intimate and profound relationship that it cannot be unconditional. I can only compare the intimacy of sex with the intimacy of the mother with a newborn baby. But with a newborn baby, it is unconditional. It’s not the same when you are in a sexual relationship unless you feel that you are loved as you love.”

Find out how Isabel Allende’s story came to life and more about her thoughts on love and death here.

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