This Bernie Sanders Ad About Migrant Workers Will Give You The Feels

Bernie Sanders Ad Puts a Face to Those Who Pick the Food You Eat

One of the biggest criticisms people have of Bernie Sanders is that his message of income inequality brushes aside the needs of communities of color. This ad, titled “Tenemos Familias,” does a fantastic job at invalidating that argument.

The 5-minute video, which is as much a short documentary as it is a campaign ad, focuses on Udelia, a migrant worker picking tomatoes in Immokalee, Flo. Udelia talks about the abuse she and other migrant workers have gone through all to make what’s pretty much slave wages. Despite the injustice and adversity, Udelia’s tone is hopeful; she believes that her sacrifices will make the American Dream possible for her children.  If this video doesn’t pull at your heart strings, consult your doctor because you might not have one at all.

“Tenemos Familia” will run nationally on Univision this Thursday evening. The Sanders campaign hopes it will help move the needle with Latino voters in Florida (their Democratic primary takes place on March 15), a state where Hillary Clinton has a double-digit lead over him.

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