This Audition Tape Is Proof That Selena Gomez Has ALWAYS Been Able To Act

Credit: IrisCharmaine / YouTube

“I’m trying to get into my singing career or my acting career.”

Before dropping an album where she’s nearly naked on the cover and having a very public relationship with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez was doing what she does best: acting. Even at 11 years old, Gomez had no problem slaying her audition for the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place.” After she totally owns her audition, the young starlet talks about her experience on “Barney and Friends,” where she worked on her chops at a very young age. She says her goals in the entertainment business are to sing and act – like Britney Spears.

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“I want to do that when I get older,” Gomez said. “I want to be both [a singer and actor], you know, like Britney.”

Good thing the young Tejana’s mother convinced her to audition for the show, or we wouldn’t have “Spring Breakers” or albums such as “Stars Dance” and “Revival.”

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12 Horrible Things That Happen During Sex To Everyone


12 Horrible Things That Happen During Sex To Everyone

Credit: iStock

There’s no worse time for an awkward moment than when you’re in the sack. Here are some of the things that should never happen during sex…but do.

Terrifying sounds.

Credit: c0mewithus / Tumblr

Did someone just open a tupperware container full of guacamole?

Sexy faces.

Credit: plaincut / Tumblr

Please stop.

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Blurting out sh*t.

Credit: findreations / Tumblr

“Sí, chiquito. Así.” When you didn’t mean it like that.

Gas leaks.

Credit: consulting-assbutt-in-space / Tumblr

And that’s how you try to play it off.

Or even worse than farts… Queefs. 


Credit: dinoiresterannosoloinutiliparole / Tumblr

Even saying the word sounds terrible.

Conspicuously fake orgasms.

Credit: vebab / Tumblr

How hasn’t he caught on?


Credit: deseptical / Tumblr

Way to ruin someone’s life.

Premature ejaculation.


Credit: howlyshit / Tumblr

Okay, it’s kinda flattering, but ew.

Calling your ex’s name.

Credit: hellokittygleek / Tumblr

Good luck backing out of that one!

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Getting the “I can’t get it up” talk.


Credit: annaaamaeee / Tumblr

Maybe it’s because you said your ex’s name?

Taking forever to orgasm.

Credit: wattpad / Tumblr

I’ll just check how many likes my IG photo has while you finish up.

Laughing at the wrong moment.

Credit: becci-charida / Tumblr

When you discovered he was lying about size. What a joke.

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