In Just 4 Pictures This Abuelita Has Inspired Everyone’s Imagination

@pacinomami / Twitter

The latest viral abuelita comes to you directly from Twitter. @Pacinomami shared photos of her abuelita at her new home and they are I.Con.Ic! We should all aspire to be just like her when we grow up.

@Pacinomami‘s abuelita is so proud of her new home that she just had to share the photos.

@pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: @pacinomami / Twitter


@pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: @pacinomami / Twitter


@pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: @pacinomami / Twitter


@pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: @pacinomami / Twitter

And people are loving it!


Look at those numbers:

Credit: pacinomami / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: pacinomami / Twitter

She’s already been compared to Internet star Joanne the Scammer!


Even her fierce AF props are getting shoutouts.


There is speculation of a mixtape in the near future.

She may have even found her next lover.

Get. It. Abuelita. Or as Pitbull says:

yahooentertainment / Tumblr
CREDIT: yahooentertainment / Tumblr

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