These Venezuelan Mamas Kicked The Food Crises In The Butt

These ladies have had enough of the Venezuelan food crisis. And instead of resigning themselves to riots and thievery, they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands.

Dozens of women broke through the border into Colombia to find food for their starving families – because nothing gets between a mother and her starving child. These women gathered on the bridge from Urena, Venezuela, to Cucuta, Colombia. Wearing all white, like the army of angels that they are, the femme fatale army walked straight through the border with no attempt to hide. #sorrynotsorry

The officers they met on the other side welcomed them. “We’re desperate, we have nothing: no cooking oil, no sugar, no rice,” one woman told Colombian media. Well, now they do. They were able to easily buy all those things in addition to gasoline and other basic supplies that so many of us take for granted. Just a few short hours later, the women strolled across the border, singing the Venezuelan national anthem in relief.

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