These Trump Supporters Bring Hate To New Level

Who needs a time machine when you can just watch this New York Times video of irate Trump supporters?

This New York Times video showing racism at Trump rallies is shocking in the way slaughterhouse footage is shocking. We all kind of know what it takes to make ground beef, but seeing the actual process in action is unnerving. What’s most alarming about this video is that Trump’s supporters see themselves as victims of the political correctness that has swept over this country. They legit think that the only way to combat PC culture is by promoting racism and extremist ideas. It’s like they think that ignorance can break political correctness the way an opera singer can shatter a glass. The louder you get, the better your chances. And when all these loud-mouthed extremists get together, it begs the question:

Is this what Donald Trump’s great America looks like?

Credit: New York Times / Facebook

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