These Señoras Weren’t Happy With their Boss, So They Made a Piñata Of Her and Beat It Up

Earlier this month, American Apparel announced it may go out of business soon.

And these señoras aren’t happy about the news.

Credit: SaveAmericanApparel / YouTube

These aren’t just random señoras. They work for American Apparel. They were protesting because they claim the company – which once used “Legalize LA” as a slogan – isn’t looking out for them anymore. They claim CEO Paula Schneider has slashed their wages, held on to their holiday bonuses and moved their jobs to sweatshops outside of the American Apparel factory.

But why do they look so happy? Because someone made a Paula Schneider piñata…

Credit: SaveAmericanApparel / YouTube

And they got to take turns beating the crap out of it.

 ?Dale, dale, dale no pierdas el tino. ?

But that’s not all. The piñata was filled with goodies…

And just like kids at a party, people rushed to grab what they could.

Here’s what was inside:

It looks like some people enjoyed the protest:

Credit: SaveAmericanApparel / YouTube

Not American Apparel CEO Paula Schneider. Buzzfeed obtained a letter Schneider sent out to employees. Here is a portion of the letter:

“Many of you have reached out to me to express your dismay over the demonstration held out in front of our corporate HQ yesterday that included violently beating a Piñata in my likeness. I’m sorry this happened and I thank you for your support and kindness.

The behavior of a small group that support these intimidation tactics, including the attack last week on our headquarters at 747, and now, the beating of the piñata is truly appalling.

Let me be clear: I believe in the right to free speech, but not violence in any form. During last week’s attack, some of our employees were pushed and shoved and treated very disrespectfully. There were also instances of rioters forcing their way into our colleagues’ offices to yell and scream at them while they were working hard to collectively try and turn American Apparel around. This behavior is not helping to move our company forward in any way. In fact, it is tearing it down. I have to question the motivation of these individuals and so should you. I also will not tolerate any type of physical or threatening behavior.”

Watch the full protest video:

Credit: SaveAmericanApparel / YouTube

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