These Queer And Trans Latinos Are Calling For Minority Groups To Unite And Fight Together

Credit: Familia:TQLM / YouTube

You can see the pain in their eyes.

As Orlando and the world try to make sense of the horrific attack on an LGBTQ club in Orlando, Familia:TQLM talked with people in the trans and queer community about the incident. The timing of the attack — it took place on the club’s “Latin Night” — is more than an attack on the LGBTQ community, but on people of color that exist within the LGBTQ community. The feeling of being marginalized on two fronts is the theme of this emotional and impactful video. According to those in the video, the attack in Orlando is another example of the country’s long-standing history of violence against “queer and trans people of color.”

“What happened in Orlando is not new, because we, people of color, have a history in the U.S. of never mattering,” Alan Pelaez Lopez says in the video. “We have a history of enslavement, we have a history of exploitation, we have a history of criminalization, and we have a history of violence. And that is what happened today.”

The video is also a call for ALL people of color and minority groups to unite and fight for equal rights, protections and progress.

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