Would You Quit Your Job and Drive 11,000 Miles to Meet the Pope? These Parents Did

One family, 11 thousand miles, one epic road trip to see the Pope.

Credit: americaenfamilia.com

Catire Walker and wife Noël Zemborain quit their jobs and loaded their four children into a Volkswagen Kombi van for an 11,000-mile road trip from Argentina to Philadelphia. The family is on their way to see Pope Francis at the World Meeting of Families in September.

Why did they quit their jobs?

Credit: América en Familia / Facebook

The 41-year-old Walker says that he and his wife wanted to enjoy their family, especially now that their children are still growing up. Walker told Fox News Latino: “We are starting to pay attention [to the fact] that time with the whole family is limited. If we don’t grab it when the moment offers it, we’ll miss it.”

If they quit their jobs, how are they paying for their trip?

Credit: América en Familia / Facebook

The family of six raised money through IndieGoGo to afford the six-month road trip. The family originally wanted to raise $14,300, but raised less than $5,000. That didn’t stop them from pushing forward with their dream.

 Here they are in Colombia…


Credit: América en Familia / Facebook



Credit: América en Familia / Facebook


Credit: América en Familia / Facebook

Costa Rica…

Credit: América en Familia / Facebook

And Mexico.


The family has been on the road since March and is slowly making its way from Argentina to the US.

The adventure is more than a road trip to the family.

Credit: América en Familia / Facebook

The Catholic family wants to make the trip a family adventure and experience while meeting and connecting with people in the countries they travel through.

It hasn’t been a totally bump-free ride.

Credit: América en Familia / Facebook

At one point, one of the children hurt her ankle. They were able to make it to the doctor after 10 days of travel to get her ankle treated.

They’ve been relying on the kindness of strangers.

Credit: América en Familia / Facebook

People along their route have opened their homes offering shelter, food, and mechanical assistance when needed to complete their journey.

Some have been complete strangers, others have been people who have followed the family’s travels via Facebook and their blog. The family just made it into the US and is making its way to Philadelphia.

The trip has already been so fulfilling that they’ve welcomed someone into their family.


Credit: Facebook / América en Familia

They say their van, dubbed “Francisca,” is now a permanent member of the family. And yes, it’s named after Pope Francis.

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