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These Mexican Women Have Found an Incredible Way to Fight Back Against Cat-Callers and You’ll Never Guess How

Las hijas de Violencia / Facebook

Walking along the sidewalk can become a total catcall creep show, but women in Mexico City are fighting back. They are taking practical jokes and punk rock to the next level, giving the men who shout at them a quick scare and some uncomfortable public shame.

Las Hijas de Violencia are a Mexican cat-caller’s worst nightmare.

Credit: Las hijas de Violencia / Facebook

They’re a feminist group in Mexico City that fights back against sexual harassment. And those masks make them that much more frightening when you have the “chance” to meet them.

If they hear you on the street harassing them or other women, you will be met with a gun…full of confetti!

Credit: Las hijas de Violencia / Facebook

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Seriously, these women just grab their guns…

Didnt See It Coming
Credit: AJ+ / YouTube

And shoot.

Credit: AJ+ / YouTube

¡Toma güey!

These. Girls.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix / Yosub / Giphy

How many of these men do you think have pissed their pants in fear?

But that’s not all. After shooting you with confetti, they give you a personal punk rock show to bring a little public shame your way.

Punk Rock
Credit: AJ+ / YouTube

?What you’ve done to me is called harassment. If you do this to me this way, I will respond.? #SquadGoals

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“We must respond,” Ana Beatriz, member of La Hijas de Violence told AJ+. “If, by us responding [to catcalls], we can encourage more women to do the same, it’s ideal.”

Credit: American Idol / FOX / americanidol / Tumblr

So, if you see a scared cat-caller next time you’re in Mexico City, you can thank these chicas for showing them what’s up.

More Shooting
Credit: AJ+ / YouTube

Check out their “Sexista Punk” anthem below:

Credit: Las hijas de Violencia / Vimeo

(H/T: AJ+)

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One More Way Siri May be Smarter than Us


One More Way Siri May be Smarter than Us


We have professed our love to Siri many times, especially when she’s able to find a place nearby to satisfy our burrito craving. And while she claims to be able to fulfill your needs and answer all your questions, things fall apart when you talk to her in Spanglish.

Ok Google is slightly better at understanding your mix of English and Spanish because it has Google. It can search your contacts and search nearby maps for different Spanish words. But it’s not better by much, especially with genuine Spanglish. Like, what would it answer if you asked, “Ok Google, how do I get rid of my barriga?”

The good news is that the more data collected from all your burning Spanglish inquiries, the better voice recognition will get.

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Ignacio Lopez Moreno, the developer of some of the software says “at the end of the day, we always work to improve voice recognition for the majority of the users taking into account the diversity of the backgrounds in the U.S. So, it’s not that far-fetched that one day we’ll be able to tackle more complex queries like ‘where can I get unos tacos riquísimos?’”

The day Siri or Ok Google can answer how to get rid of our barriga and later find us some tacos riquísimos (we have problems, we know), that day will be el mejor día!

Find out more about voice recognition from NPR here.

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