The Guy Behind Cholo Goth Band Prayers Says Donald Trump Has Moved Him To Be More Politically Active


If there’s one good thing about Donald Trump, CNN points out, it’s the unity he’s brought to the Latino music community. Case in point, the bands Prayers and Downtown Boys have been so inspired by the potential evil that Trump would bring as president, they’re taking every opportunity available to speak out against him.

Though Trump has tried to stereotype immigrants as rapists and criminals, “Prayers,” a band that created by two Mexican immigrant musicians who developed the cholo-goth genre, is anything but a cliché.

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“When you’re being under attack, then you pay attention,” Rafael Reyes, Prayers frontman, explains. “It wasn’t until Trump came into the scene that I started paying attention to more politics because I realized how it was affecting me and my community.”

Already a politically charged, socially aware punk band, Downtown Boys is putting in the extra effort to start the same conversation with their fans.


“What we really try to do is open it up,” vocalist Victoria Ruiz explains. “Always try and create more dialogue and create more power to confront a lot of things that are holding a lot of people back right now.” Whether or not you feel that it’s the job of musicians to get political, Ruiz’s explanation is simple and to the point: “This is why we play music, so that we can participate.”

Check out the whole story at CNN: Donald Trump rhetoric sparks Latino musicians to speak out.

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