The Guy Behind Cholo Goth Band Prayers Says Donald Trump Has Moved Him To Be More Politically Active


If there’s one good thing about Donald Trump, CNN points out, it’s the unity he’s brought to the Latino music community. Case in point, the bands Prayers and Downtown Boys have been so inspired by the potential evil that Trump would bring as president, they’re taking every opportunity available to speak out against him.

Though Trump has tried to stereotype immigrants as rapists and criminals, “Prayers,” a band that created by two Mexican immigrant musicians who developed the cholo-goth genre, is anything but a cliché.

they killed it last night at the @hacullaofficial @rochambeaunyc party

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“When you’re being under attack, then you pay attention,” Rafael Reyes, Prayers frontman, explains. “It wasn’t until Trump came into the scene that I started paying attention to more politics because I realized how it was affecting me and my community.”

Already a politically charged, socially aware punk band, Downtown Boys is putting in the extra effort to start the same conversation with their fans.


“What we really try to do is open it up,” vocalist Victoria Ruiz explains. “Always try and create more dialogue and create more power to confront a lot of things that are holding a lot of people back right now.” Whether or not you feel that it’s the job of musicians to get political, Ruiz’s explanation is simple and to the point: “This is why we play music, so that we can participate.”

Check out the whole story at CNN: Donald Trump rhetoric sparks Latino musicians to speak out.

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HBO’s New Spanish-Language Series Is Exploring Another Widely-Held Love Within Our Culture


HBO’s New Spanish-Language Series Is Exploring Another Widely-Held Love Within Our Culture

There are certain universal similarities throughout the Latinidad that binds us to one another. We don’t mean stereotypes, but things that we honest to goodness all love. For example, our appreciation for cafecito and a rhythmic beat are accurate clichés tied to Latinx folk. Similarly, HBO’s new Spanish-language series is exploring another widely-held love within our culture.

On July 14th, the television network debuted its new series “Los Espookys” and it’s “horror” theme is very close to our hearts.

Twitter / @HBO

“Los Espookys” is a mostly Spanish-language comedy that includes a healthy dose of horror and camp. Created by Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega and Fred Armisen, the series takes place in an undisclosed city in Latin America. It follows a group of friends —Renaldo, Andrés, Úrsula and Tati — as they turn their hobby of horror and special effects into a business of their very own creation.

While the show’s mix of comedy and horror is completely engaging, “Los Espookys” is also groundbreaking. As mentioned, the series is mostly in Spanish with English subtitles. The portions that aren’t in Español utilize slang and English with Spanish subtitles to communicate to its audience. For a large network like HBO to carry a Spanish language series and air it in primetime is a huge deal. Even more, it reflects how much confidence the “Game of Thrones” network has in the new show.

The premiere of “Los Espookys” opens with a super intense quinceanera. If you think you’ve been to some scary quinces before, just wait until you see this spook-tastic party. As it turns out, everything from the entrails cake to the mutilated waiters is the work of Renaldo and his crew. The party impresses everyone, including Renaldo’s uncle, Tio Tico (played by Armisen). Expressing his support, his uncle encourages the spooky connoisseur to pursue his passion — even if that passion is monsters and mayhem.

The friends get the chance to do just that when the local priest makes an unusual request of the group’s special skills.

Twitter / @HBOPR

Episode One also reveals more about the group of self-proclaimed “horror technicians.” The black-clad unofficial leader of the group is Renaldo and his life-long friend is Andrés. The electric blue-haired Andrés is the heir to a chocolate company. Called the “Prince of Chocolate,” he is a genuinely intriguing dude with dramatic past. (Note the intense telenovela music that plays whenever he gets contemplative.)

Rounding out the group is a pair of unusual sisters. Úrsula is a dental hygienist with the soul of an artist who is happiest when she’s making something terrifying. Her sister is the odd and unintentionally funny Tita. We first meet Tita when she is hand-spinning the blades of an electric fan to cool down her boss, the priest. Fortunately for us, she only gets more bizarre as the episode goes on.

The cast delivers some great lines but that’s not the only thing that makes “Los Espookys” so entertaining. Improbable situations, subtle humor, and references to popular Latinx culture all add to the series’s appeal, too.

However, it’s the focus on the characters’ love of horror that will really resonate with Latinx viewers — and for a valid reason.

Twitter / WigWurq

Whether it’s the scary legends of La Llarona y El Cucuy or the movies of Guermillo del Toro, the Latinidad loves horror. After all, we have an entire holiday completely devoted to honoring the dead. If you need additional proof of this love, look no further than our children — the future of our culture.

In early June 2019, 3-year-old Lucia Brown went viral for her very scary birthday theme. The birthday girl insisted on a party that included Valak, the satanic sister from “The Nun.” It wasn’t just Lucia that enjoyed the theme; her friends also painted their face in black and gave into the darkness.

Yet, a love of horror isn’t something we simply grow out of; it grows with us.

Twitter / @BlairGuild

When we become teens and start to explore our own independence, we strike out towards our own styles. This often means we explore music and clothing to find what best suits us. In these two subjects, we still see marked examples of our cultural love of horror.

The Emo and Goth subcultures have been notably popular with Latinx teens and young adults since its birth. Both categories are usually associated with teens who are not of color and can appear to be at odds with the colorful traditions of the Latinidad. However, there’s something about the Emo and Goth lifestyles that resonate with Latinx folk.

These categories are often hard to describe but most people can place the look when they see it. Both Emo and Goth subgroups focus on self-expression by embracing dark fashions and the mentality of “the individual.” These subcultures also incorporate a healthy dose of horror — using zombies, monsters and the occult in their fashion and art.

Music is the heart of the Emo and Goth subcultures and is what most links the Latinidad to the lifestyle.

Twitter / @missbreton
Twitter / @_smromero

Emo and Goth music often explore dark and emotional topics in their lyrics and evoke feeling with their music. Bands like Morrissey, Joy Division and The Cure led the way for this type of music in the 80’s and 90’s. Later, groups including AFI, My Chemical Romance and The Used became the modern voice of their genre.

For these bands, Morrissey especially has become beloved to Latinx Goths and Emos. Maria Hinojosa’s exploration of this love — entitled “Goths: Latinos on the Dark Side” is an interesting episode of Latino USA that explores this topic.

In it, a guest explains, “For whatever reason, Latinos love Morrissey and no one really knows why. I think it’s the melodrama.”

It could be argued that melodrama is also the reason the Latinidad loves horror.

Many have expressed a sense of community in finding these subgenres so maybe that’s the real reason Latinx folk feel so at home with them.

Twitter / @llavvves

Often times, Latinos and Latinas feel excluded from the larger communities we’re a part of. Sometimes we’re marginalized by income level. Sometimes it’s our nationality or citizen status that isolates us from others. We can even be excluded from others within our own Latinx community.

However, a shared appreciation of the Emo and Goth subgenres and all things horror unites us in a mutual love. In a world where we can feel so alone, we can go to a Guermillo del Toro film and feel connected. When feeling as though no one understands us, we can listen to Morrissey and hear our feelings in his words.

In this way, “Los Espookys” also has the potential to unite our Latinidad with something we’ll love. Though we’ve only seen one of the six episodes of this season, the response online has been more than positive. Obviously, the hilarious script combined with the characters’ love of horror makes for a combination that audiences relate to. We can’t wait to see what spooky surprises “Los Espookys” has in store for us still.

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20 Pictures From Kat Von D’s Wedding You Probably Didn’t See


20 Pictures From Kat Von D’s Wedding You Probably Didn’t See

Kat Von D and Rafael Reyes celebrated their first wedding anniversary this February and who could forget the divinely gothic wedding ceremony? We’re pretty sure its theme beat the one for the 2018 Met Gala. The makeup maestra-slash-tattoo ace and the Prayers frontman hosted an elaborately dark wedding ceremony, and even though we didn’t get an invite (it’s still in the mail, I swear), thanks to Instagram (and the close friends of the couple), we were able to get a feel for most of what the wedding day entailed!

From Kat Von D’s blood red gown to a red cake shaped like a castle, here are 20 photos from the spectacularly black-attire only bash you probably haven’t seen before.

1. The wedding location.

bevhillshotel / Instagram

The couple hosted their wedding at one of the world’s infamous hotels: The Beverly Hills Hotel. The upscale venue has seen many a celebrity weddings and had guests like Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn and Frank Sinatra.

2. Surprisingly, Kat did have a partly white wedding.

sinister_apples / Instagram

Guests entered the ceremony through an “immaculate white” room and signed a guest book with feather ink quills and a scroll.

3. The dress code was all black attire.

sstrazzere / Instagram

Guests of the bride and groom were asked to wear all black clothing. During their wait for the ceremony, they drank LITERAL smoking drinks and took pictures with elaborate white cross set-ups.

4. The actual ceremony and reception took place inside a blood-red setting that looks like it was straight out of a Guillermo del Toro movie.

markusbiren / Instagram

The area was ornately decked out in floor-to-ceiling candle and flower decorations. Super “Pan’s Labrynth” ish, amiright?

5. See what I mean by decadent AF?

edenfolwell / Instagram

The ceremony was held in a room with a floral ceiling dome as its centerpiece.

6. And the drippy red waxy candles?

markusbiren / Instagram

Intricately designed red candles lined the floor for an extreme look that was two parts infernal and glam.

7. Just look at the centerpieces!

the_ol_ashel / Instagram

Literally your mom’s quinceañera nightmares and your darkest dreams.

8. But even more importantly, look at Kat Von D!

prayers / Instagram

Chica literally wore horns down the aisle!

9. Instead of having a maid of honor hold her train…

thekatvond / Instagram

She had spandex-wearing contortionists do it for her.

10. Of course, the untraditional goth queen made a statement with her walk to the aisle…

sinister_apples / Instagram

Kat walked solo down the aisle and gave her self away, which is a SUPER feminist statement if I can say so myself.

11. The couple said their vows on a circular platform in the middle of the room.

minkshoes / Instagram

Instead of having everyone face a stage at the front, Kat and Rafael married in the center of a room, with guests sitting around them in a circle.

12. Kat met her Rafael, who was also wearing a veil, on the platform.

imnotarobotgirl / Instagram

The couple went all in their effort to show that they are equal partners and also in love with goth.

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13. Things got super emotional for the couple while they exchanged vows.

katvond_spain / Instagram

Rafael literally could not stop tearing up. At one point he got so choked up that Kat laughed at him and consoled him with a hug.

14. After they made their vows, it was onto their ridiculously immaculate reception.

dimebagzhag / Instagram

The couple sat down at matching red goth thrones in front of their guests.

15. Together, everyone enjoyed an entirely vegan meal (of course).

rqvdw / Instagram

The wedding menu featured corn tortellini in vodka sauce, a harvest roast and a red velvet wedding cake.

16. The couple also showed off their amazing musical chops.

iamleah / Instagram

During the reception, Kat Von D sang “Into My Arms” for Reyes at a red piano.

17. She also had some of her best pals who are also famous musicians perform.

thekatvond / Instagram

Robert Harvey, Heresy44 and Matty T from the Tennis System performed. 

18. Everyone dove into a vegan red velvet castle cake that was all kinds of regal.

whats_baking / Instagram

Because this is a goth vegan fairytale, mi gente!

19. Kat Von D and Rafael even had an insane entrance!

thekatvond / Instagram

Which featured the two tattoo enthusiasts on its walls. 

20. The couple on their way to their honeymoon.

thekatvond / Instagram

The couple headed off to a secret undisclosed destination for their “meditative honeymoon.”

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