You Can Thank Germany, China and Ghana for Some of Your Favorite Latin Foods

Some tacos aren’t as Mexican as you think. And medialunas aren’t so Argentine either. For centuries, cultural exchanges have shaped cooking techniques and recipes across the globe, including food from Latin America. Without those cultural exchanges, these nine dishes wouldn’t be quite as tasty:

Mexican Tacos al Pastor

Influence: Lebanese

Peruvian Lomo Saltado

Influence: Chinese


Argentinian Medialunas

Influence: German

Brazilian Acarajé

Influence: Nigerian


Cuban Fufú de Platanos, Puerto Rican Mofongo & Dominican Republic Mangú

Influence: Ghanaian

Chilean Kuchen

Influence: German

Venezuelan Pasticho

Influence: Italian


Uruguayan Fainá

Influence: Italian

Michael Krugman / Facebook

If you order pizza in Uruguay, you’re going to get some fainá along with it. It’s a garbanzo-based flatbread inspired by Italy’s farinata. If you’re watching those carbs, skip the pizza and get some toppings on your fainá instead.

Have you tried any of these dishes? Have you tried the dishes that inspired them? Tell us in the comments below. 

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